'Toro The Tribe' Screening at Theatre in The Park

"The Toro are a tribe of human beings who are believed to be cannibalist. They are believed to be responsible for the many mysterious deaths in the jungles of africa. However no concrete evidence has ever been put forward to support their existence.
"A group of young student researchers decided to carry out an expedition in the jungles to unveil more about their exstence but the expedition does not go according to plan...",  reads part of the synopsis to local film 'Toro The Tribe'. If that is not enough to entice any film-lover to go out there and catch a screening of this feature, nothing else much will.

The film, a brainchild of Team College Central which is comprised of Derby Bheta, Ian Msakanda, Melinda Shumba and Tafadzwa Ndamuka is currently being screened at Theatre In The Park. So if you are a film enthusiast then you definitely need to find your way to the venue and catch a glimpse of this wonderful piece of art. This is one film you dare not miss!
"Toro the tribe is purely entertainment. We belive in imagination and on this project I would like to believe that we brought that imagination to screen.
"The film was an exam project that we did at school, we wanted to present something different from what people are used to and expect....thus we are inspired by change", said Derby Bheta.

Given the fact that she and her team are recent graduates from Midlands State University and on the fringes of the mainstream, Bheta reckons that the film set a good foundation for them to launch their fim careers. It is indeed a good way for this exciting group of upcoming fimmakers to announce themselves.
"The main agenda of the film was for us to gain recognition and an audience as we were about to get into the industry.
"Toro the Tribe is the first feature film that I undertaken and I am planning on doing more in the coming years, that's for sure", she said.

Derby herself was of course the recipient of a Best Short Film award at the 2017 Zmbabwe International Fim Festival and a nominee for this year's National Arts and Merit Awards (Nama)