Trizzle's Journey: From 'Undergrad' to '9-5er'

Art (and in this case, Music) is a reflection of ourselves, our innermost feelings and thoughts, not forgetting the environment around us.
You are actually able to piece togerher an artist's life from listening to their music, each song or album represents a chapter in that musician's life at that particular moment in time.
South African-based rapper Tanaka Mutizwa aka Trizzle is one such artist.....
"Well, after undergrad (which is the mixtape discussing my life at uni) I wanted to continue the "sequel" so to speak. After I graduated I was fortunate to get a job and I thought....why not talk about life as a 9-5er? So this is a project where I want to share my thoughts and experiences revolving around full full time employment", said Trizzle.

Though there wasnt any official release date yet the rapper said the project would definitely be dropping anytime this year and that it was a reflection of where he is right now in his life.

"The main themes I want to explore are employment and never giving up on your dreams. I say this because I was initially one of those who were very closed off to getting a job because I wanted to do music full time.
"This was before I realized that a 9-5 doesn't mean you have to let your dreams die but you can use it to fuel your ambitions. You gotta spend money to make money right?", he said.

According to the rapper, he is " going to be collaborating with some familiar names from my last project. I love collaborating with my peers and friends because I feel like we are all growing together".

Since 'Undergrad' was a self-produced project, the SA-based artist reckons that it is time with other producers so as to deliver a different flavour altogether.

Besides his upcoming project, Mutizwa said that he was lending his attention and efforts towards artist development as well seeing as how there's plenty of untapped talent out there.
"There are a lot of young artists out there with a lot of potential. Many people complain about the direction that hiphop is going so when I encounter a young lyricist I encourage them to continue making the music that rocks their soul, not what everybody is listening to. It's always important to express what's on your heart", he said.

Talented, yes! but he is humble enough to concede that this is only the beginning of his journey and that there is a long way to go and a lot of work to be put in before everything 'aligns'.
"Pretty much everything that I have gone through is what I try to express but my music will tell you more about me than I can.
"I've come far enough to know that I still have a long way to go. To be honest, I wouldn't think of myself as being in the industry. I'm just a man doing my own thing, minding my own business and watching everything align for the greater good", said Trizzle.