Vcentino Making Headway with New Single #Upgrade

NIGERIAN artist Vcentino a.k.a TinoBaba believes that he might finally have struck just the right chords with his current hit single titled 'Upgrade'.
Since its official launch at the beginning of the year, the song has put the young man on the map and has by and large, increased his fan/support base too.
"Well, I have to thank God, The Almighty, because the downloads have been massive and I keep getting good responses from fans everyday.
"I feel like the song has been well received, not just by the markert but more importantly by the fans. I have honestly been humbled by the support that I have been showered with since the single was released and I wanna keep promoting it until I have touched the whole of Nigeria and beyond", said the Edo State native.

Describing the song itself, the Lagos-based musician had this to say,

"The song is about moving from grass to grace after a lot of negativity from the people and society around you.
"If I have leant anything, it has to be that in this life, no matter what you do, people are always going to talk but it is up to you to remain determined and believe that you are going to be successful", said the rapper whose real name is Azenabor Vincent.

Bouyed by the success of 'Upgrade', the young man is already in the studio cooking up another potential smash hit!
"I have written plenty of good songs that I cannot wait to share with the world. Expect another hit track from me soon, that much I can promise you!", said Vincent.

For Vincent, music will always be part of his life and succeding at it is his life's goal, one that he is determined to fulfil.
"Music has always been part of me since childhood but became official 4 years ago when I started rapping and writing more professionally.
" I look forward to taking this music thing as far as I can, look forward to winning awards and rubbing shoulders with the best talent there is on the planet", he said in parting.