Falkonection: The 'Original Styler'

ORIGINAL STYLER is more than just another music album, it’s a journey through the underground scene of the independent Hispan-German artist Falkonection el Amansador who is not only working with singers, producers, promoters, dancers and DJs, from Europe, Jamaica, Colombia, Panamá, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Turkey and but is looking forward to combining his talent with more artists all over the world. In this journey the artist has already invited powerful and amazing singers from Jamaica like “Exile Di Brave” from EDB Entertainment, The Son of the King “Dotta Coppa”, “Unstoppable Fyah” who is releasing his first album “Still Alive” on 4th May, as well as “Amlak Redsquare”, and “Haya Flames”.

One important part of the Original Styler project is the 'Original Styler tour 2018' which the artist recently kicked off. Falkonection is visiting between April and June many countries in Latin America, and making a documentary about the underground artist whom he meets on his journey, in Panamá, Costa Rica and Colombia.
Special mention goes out to the unbelievably talented singer from Venezuela “One Chot”, the producer “Dr. Norrys”, the champion sound number one outta Colombia “Dj Beltsasar”, the HipHop singer “B-One”, the “Dj Natural Bless” and “Carmolina” from Costa Rica. In Panamá “Sin Dread”, “Chatarra Records”, and “Purro Canto”.

Falkonection el Amansador himself is based in Germany and so are the other artists who joined him on this project, the likes of “Osiris”, “Jaahfro”, “Drum und Drann Studios”, “Dr. Volkanik Man”.

For Falkonection, the chief goal on this project was to liberate the creative energies and too develop together with all the good people who share this culture. With this project, 'Original Styler', Falkonection is fortifying the scene and bringing into focus the great talents who are on the fringes of the mainstream and building bridges between Latin America, Jamaica and Europe.

The talented reggae musician also has a Radio Show “Falkonection en el Aire” on Radio Cologne and is the owner of the music initiative “Los Rockeros” and said that some of the interviews and promotional material pertaining to the current project will be released over the next couple of months on “Los Rockeros T.V.”

The whole album will be released in autumn, but a couple of the songs will come out as singles in the lead_up to the launch in September.

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