Hazel Mak's 'Jaiva' Celebrates Malawian Culture

If you are a music video fan and your eyes stay glued to that television set then you'd probably have caught sight of this amazing piece of art by now!
We are talking about Hazel Mak's video for her hit single 'Jaiva' that is currently showcasing on TraceTv, of course!

Officially released earlier in the year, the Malawian star said that the main idea behind the highly energetic and colourful video was to portray the rich creative cultural diversity in Malawi.
"It is a single that's about dancing and being happy and literally just showcasing the bright and vibrant creative Malawian culture", said Hazel Mak.

The video, that was shot in Malawi by VJ ice, Peter Makwana and directed by DJ Nathan tunes has definitely thrust the Malawian singer/songwriter into the spotlight and made her one of the most sought_after artists in the region.
"Since the song premiered on TraceTv a lot more people have been given the chance to watch the video and experience music from Malawi.
"Even people outside Malawi have told me just how much they have enjoyed the video and they love how authentic it is.
"I'm quite proud of it because everything was created in Malawi by Malawians, from the dancers, designers, to the models themselves. We also did have the Dzaleka dancers, also known as 'Forus crew' in the video and that's amazing because they come from the refugee camp in Dowa", said Hazel, as she is adoringly known to her followers.

The multi-award winning singer is certainly not stopping anytime soon and confirmed to Urban Craft that she had set her sights, not just on more international collaborations but doing more charity work as well.
"This year my aim is to do a lot more international features and expand my brand. I also aim to do more charity work through the #MalawianGirlsRock platform", she said.

Hazel has obviously made a mark for herself with her latest effort and from hereon it can only get better for the petite beauty.

check out @hazelmakmusic's 'Jaiva'