Hiya Flames on European Tour

Ask any musician and they will tell you that after all those long nights in the studio composing and recording music, nothing brings more joy and excitement than the thought of going out on tour and sharing those songs with audiences all over the world!
Jamaican reggae/neo-roots artist, Hiya Flames is one such musician and is enjoying life on the road.
"I have been on this European tour for the past couple of months now. I am getting the chance to not only bring my music to the fans but also enjoying the various sights and scenery of some of the most beautiful cities in the world!
"Going through different citys and countrys, from festivals to club shows and small venues has given me a lifetime's worth of memories", said Hiya Flames while chatting with Urban Craft magazine in a recent interview upon landing in Germany.

The Kingston, Jamaica born and bred artist reckons that the tour which started late last year has been a success and has done wonders for his brand.
"The tour as been Very productive and successful thus far, I'm so happy about it. By now, I'm certain that the fans expect good uplifting music and high energetic vibes when they come to see me perform live on stage.
"My European Tour started last year around July and has carried on into the brand new year. There's still a lot more cities left to perform in so it will be going on until the summer then will conclude thereafter.
"Places that I have performed in so far include Vienna Autria, Aarhus Denmark, Strasbourg France, Dortmund Germany Paderborn Germany Etc", said the artist whose real name is Wondo Antonio Kwesi Williams.

Away from the hectic tour schedule the reggae/neo-roots has also been busy putting the final touches to some of his upcoming projects, that include a much awaited debut album.
"Besides the tour there is a numerous amount of projects going on. I just recently did a major collaboration with Skarra Mucci and I'm also finishing up on my debut album that will be titled 'The Icranable'.
"Working on another project titled 'Neo Roots', another collaboration with falkonection is ready for the market plus a whole lot more singles and videos", he said.

Hiya Flames who was born in what he descibes as 'the musical parish of jamaica', Kingston came from a very humble begining but is a musician whose stature has grown ever since he made his professional debut 3 years ago.
"Some of my greatest moments include, not only recording but sharing the stage with quite a number of Jamaican reggae Legends, among those being Jah Mason.
"Touring and getting such love from fans in each of the cities I have perfomed in all over the world has been a major highlight and a blessing for me", said