KG Prince Ready to 'Flood' the Industry

This article was written by Charlotte Nzapheza (Blurqstone)

At only 18 years, this young man feels he is on the verge of something big. Lookingat how immensely-talented he is, you can hardly fault him for thinking that way. It is not a question of 'if' but 'when' this young man will get his big break!
Morena Prince Mochesane, best known by KG Prince is one of the most talented youngsters in and around the Free State area.
He still attends school as he believes that education is the unique key to success. KG Prince musically drew influence from his father music and just like him he also fell in love with the gospel genre.
"It is very clear that music is in our genes" he said.

His first song was called 'Way' on which he worked with Tap Tonic who produced the track. He started songwriting back in 2012 not realising the talent he had. It was later on in 2015 that he started recording songs as part of a group called 'Dragons'.

Unfortunately, the group couldn't last forever as some of the members were deviating from the group and going their own way.
KG was to join yet another group called 'Empire' which also didn't last due to similar issues.

KG Prince came across challenges just like any other artist while trying to succeed and take the hustle to another level.
He however did not let it deter him, he instead used it to fuel his grind.
From working with untrustworthy people who would copy his songs to being criticized by well-known artists, he told himself that when he comes he will leave no stone unturned! He will come as Morwallo(Floods) because normally where there are floods you'll always find disaster. That is the reason why he named his upcoming EP, Morwallo.

KG Prince got a chance to work with one of the best producers in the industry, NDK on the song called 'Madiba note' and Talksiq Sbiya on the track called 'Sikelel' .

He even got a chance to perform at a 'Da Goons' show (2017) and at 'The Ambulance Tour' earlier this year.
KG is a young man who is determined to succeed and is a strong believer in that saying that says "anything is possible if you put your mind to it".