New Tv Series 'Meet My Family' On The Cards

Brace yourself Zimbabwe! A brand new television series is about to hit our small screens in the next couple of months.
Titled 'Meet my Family', the comedy/drama was written by Ian Msakanda and centres around the character 'Sam' who brings his girlfriend 'Natasha' home to meet his family only to find out that his mother had set him up with a pre-arranged marriage to another girl in the village. No surprises for guessing how the story unfolds, albeit with rib-cracking outcomes, from the moment Sam unearthes his mother's plans!

The series is being produced by College Central and will be directed by Derby Bheta, a Nama award nominee for Best Short Film screen production.
Derby was also the recipient of the Best Short Film award at the Zimbabwe International Film Festival last year for the film 'Things We do for Love'.

The “Meet My Family’’ cast is made up of new faces in the film industry with both main characters Tawanda Mupatsi (Sam) and Melinda Shumba (Natasha) being former Midlands State University students. In the cast there is also the experience in the form of seasoned actors like Chati Butao who acted as N’anga in the film 'Gringo the Trouble maker'.

The filmmaker said that besides providing entertainment, their various productions went a long way in touching people's hearts and minds
"The main reason behind creating this series was to bring 'pure entertainment' to our audience. It is a combination of laughter, joy, happiness, sadness and love. It’s our first project after school and maximum effort has been invested in this project.
"We believe it’s our 'make or break' project so we have given it our all. We want, as much as possible, to create something that will leave memories in our audience and above all, we are telling a story that everyone can relate to", said Bheta

According to Derby, production for the 13 episode series is starting in the coming weeks and will commence with the shooting of the pilot episode.
"No official dates have been set regarding the launch of the pilot but we believe that by mid-year the series should be on television", she said.

Bheta and her collective (College Central) say they are not only bringing something new to the industry but are happy to finally be able to share their own stories with the rest of the world through film.
"I like to call it the next generation of filmmaking, we are coming into the industry with something new, something totally different from what you've seen and experienced before.
"We are telling the stories that we wished we could see on television when we were growing up so the series gives birth to the next generation of filmmaking plus, like I said before, we do not just create entertainment we believe in it", said filmmaker.