Kenyan afropop star Mia Ivy decided to share with us her recently released single with the peculiar title of 'Smooth Errand' and judging by her track record, the love song is sure to make waves!

Below is a breakdown of the track and a brief background on the artist herself.......

Name of the song: Smooth Errand

Genre: Reggae

Artist: Mia Ivy


Smooth Errand is a love song about lovers who have been kept away due to various reasons, primarily work.

It talks about the challenges that they face when they are apart and all the things they look forward to doing together when they eventually meet up.

Smooth Errand was recorded at Streetbreeze Records, popularly known as SBRS and produced by Crazy Monkey


Mia Ivy is a singer/guitarist and currently a 4th year student in Pwani University, Kilifi, Kenya.

She started singing in 2014, when she joined a group of artists in Kisumu, Kenya known as Janeqo Krietiv Mainds. While there, they formed a band called The Creative Band and would occassionaly perform at various platforms around Kisumu City.

A year later, she was to be approached by Clastar, the CEO and producer of Streetbreeze Records(SBRS) about a session in the studio and later released her first afro-pop song alongside Elvizech Blackangel ‘Don’t Go’. In 2016, Mia Ivy collaborated with Clastar and released another jam, ‘Chords for you’.

In the year 2017, Mia Ivy together with Elvizech Blakangel released yet another song titled ‘Queens Vs Kings’ produced by Crazy Monkey which led her to being voted Female Artist of The Year, Kilifi County, as per the Kilifi County Peace Awards 2017.

The same year she released ‘Feelings’ featuring Kisumu rapper MC Elem.

Currently, Mia Ivy plays alongside the Jambo Africa band in Mombasa, Kenya.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/-6uMq8fKdIw

Social Media;

INSTAGRAM:  www.instagram.com/miamangicho

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/miaivy

TWITTER: @miaivy_