Nyaradzo Says 'Make the Most of Every Opportunity'

"Make the most of every single day and do your best at everything you do because you may not get another chance to do so", this is the motto that one Nyaradzo Julia Muvushi chooses to live her life by.
Simple enough but powerful at the same time to inspire her every morning that she wakes up and goes out into the world. If we are to succeed at anything that we pursue in life then we all should take a page out of her book and adopt that same resolve.
Hers is a statement that one needs to repeat to themselves every single day until it sticks because sometimes that one chance is all we will ever get and so there's every need to make it count!

Who is this inspirational being? You might ask. We sought to find out more about this beautiful soul (who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside)

"I am not ashamed to say I came from a rural background because that was just the beiginning of my story and not the conclusion. Where I will inevitably end up is solely dependent on me and how much effort I put towards achieving my life's goals.
"I did my primary education at Gora primary school in Mhondoro and then did my secondary education at Matanha which was far away from home. In my class it so happened that my sister and I were the only ones who made it past the O'level stage and then onto A'level.
"Thereafter I applied and fortunately enough got accepted by the University of Zimbabwe where I continue to further my education. The journey has not always been easy, I've had to face and overcome a lot just to be where I am today", said Nyaradzo.

The young lady sees her humble beginning as a chief motivating factor in everything that she does and she is determined to succed now more than ever before.

"My poor background is all the motivation that I could ever have asked for. I want to be an inspiration to other girls out there", she said.

Nyaradzo believes that a lot needs to be done to educate the girl child and that she herself has a greater part to play in not only spreading that awareness but also advocating for the underprivileged members of our society.

"Given the chance, I would like to make campaigns in rural areas targerted specifically at the girl child because we want to teach them the importance of education and also to teach them the fact that marriage is not an achievement in life! There is no reason why you can not buy those fancy houses and cars on your own.
"One of my goals would also be to open an orphanage because I believe there's a lot that we can do for the underprivileged members of our society", said the 22 year old.

"I do honestly hope that my story will serve as more of an encouragement to my fellow young ladies not to give up like most of the girls whom I learnt with, 90% of them got married and in so doing gave up on their dreams", she added.

Muvushi is currently doing an Honours Degree in Economic History at the University of Zimbabwe and is looking forward to studying for a Masters Degree come next year.