Osiyitn Basks In The Glory of 'ADARA' nomination

Article by Allistar Marunya

Talent is everywhere, it's only a matter of time till it's recognized and acknowledged. In my life I've come across a lot of people with so much talent but not knowing what to do with it. Today I've been given the opportunity to speak to one talented artist who comes from the streets of Alexandra Township South Africa, he is none other than Ntiyiso Shaun Ngobeni, born 22 February 1995 but known as Osiyitn by his fans.
Shaun as I'd prefer to call him is a recording artist and a rapper and has had the opportunity to show off his talent at the following events:

1. EM Smul Birth day Celebration Feat. DJ Shony, Dramatic Boiz and Kabza the Small

2. The Project-X party 02 April 2016

3. Ultimate Chillaz (Sandton Edition)- 23 April 2016

4. Break the Ice Club zebra pond- 30 July 2016

5. The gifted Hands Sessions(Hip Hop Experience)- 05 August 2016

6. Mr & Mrs Alex 2016- 2017

7. 1st Annual Student Gathering 12 August 2016

8. Club Flued(Rosebank)- 19 August 2016

9. Bruno Taylor’s Birthday Edition(Stoup 15)- 03 September 2016

10. The Birthday Turn Up- 10 September 2016

11. Mayhem 6-6 Party- 30 September 2016

12. Exodus Black & Gold Party- 07 October 2016

13. Pens Down Party(1st Central Place)- 02 December 2016

14. Summer Fever With Dramatic Boys- 03 December 2016

15. Ultimate Chillaz (Alexandra Edition)- 16 December 2016

16. Alex Family Day- 16 December 2016

17. 2nd Annual Shorts & Shades(Rabie Ridge)- 17 December 2016

18. Jan Babies Extravaganza Alongside KayC Bracka

Along many more others of course......
This talented songwriter embarked on his musical career as a teenager in High school doing freestyle sessions during breaks and after school. He then took part in a Rap Competition called the *Sprite Uncontainable Search* in 2011, he also participated in the all local hip hop Shows such as *The Mixtape* a well-known hip hop show in Alexandra.

As you can see this artist has been doing nothing but getting out there hustling and making a name for himself, he is an upcoming artist yes but that doesn't mean he should ease up on trying to make the Mandelas cause that's the aim at the end of the day though it starts with passion. In his hustle to becoming the star he wants to be he has been gifted with a blessing of all time by being nominated for the *ADARA* awards which aim at celebrating African Excellence.

The awards contribute to telling the positive story about Africans and mitigate the negative reports that overshadow their contribution in the development of Africa and the communities they reside within. These Awards powered by DS Dexterity International; a media and entertainment service provider are also meant to recognize Africans for their contribution in various sectors and building social cohesion amongst Africans within the continent and abroad. Oh did I mention what ADARA means? It means “Noble, Exalted” in Africa – In Yoruba (one of the major languages in Nigeria) also means “We Are Good."

Some interesting stuff right ? Back to the connection between Shaun and the awards , he has been nominated for *Best Music Personality* which is one of the 30 categories these awards cater for. I'm personally very proud to be African where there is so much talent. I say keep chasing your dream Shaun, make Africa proud and be the person you want to be. On behalf of Urban Craft Magazine, we proud of you and we hope you get the award.