Samikay's Drops New Anthem for Lovers?

Long distance relationships are not easy, anyone who has ever had one will tell you that. They do take their toll on you but that is not to say they are impossible!
There's couples out there who have found ways of making it work. What you however cannot ignore is the need to affirm (and re-affirm) your love, loyalty and faith in that person every now and then.
What better way to do that than through a song?

NIGERIAN singer Samuel Agha, popularly known to his horde of followers as 'Samikay', has done exactly that with his brand new single titled 'TIP YOU HIGH', which was officially released onto the market this April.

"My girlfriend inspired the song and it's been a long while since we saw each other and she's obviously not really cool with it. She's schooling in a state far from where I am based and I just need to make her understand that even with the distance, I tip her higher than any other lady have I've ever met and she should believe I'm real.
"I wanted her to know that people might tell her trash about me but I'm still that same guy that she fell in love with", said Samikay.

The Ibadan, Oyo State based singer said the song has so far been well-received by the fans and currently doing well on the market. He said that it was the overwhelming response from the fans that kept him recording music.
"It has received quite a lot of positive remarks thus far. People whom I've never met keep sending me messages on social media telling me the song says a a lot about what they themselves were experiencing presently.
"I'm not only touched but motivated from that alone, I definitely want to keep on making music that people can relate to", he said.

Surprisingly, Samikay, who is originally from Afikpo North in Ebonyi State and a mechanical engineering and cinematography graduate says his career started off as just a hobby.
"I actually started singing immediately after my secondary education, you know how those boring days after secondary school are, I just wanted to engage myself in something and that was how music started for me.
"I later on joined a group called Stormbreakaz and we used entertain during school gigs and since then I've been recording songs and doing pretty well at it. I've performed on many stages, and hoping to perform on even more and pushing my brand further", said Samikay.

Besides working on promoting his latest single, Samuel said that he had a lot of other projects in the pipeline that included an EP and concert, among others.
"I'm organising a concert for later on this year, the title will be published soon and I'm working on an EP title SUPREMACY, a project that I feel will show my strength and confidence", he said.