article by Bridgett Makola

We are living in a digital era where social media platforms play a major role. Social media has brought and is still bringing many changes to our lives. It is changing people’s attitudes, cultures and so on. Likewise, social media plays a major role in people’s lives. In other words, it shapes society, culture, nature and every socio-economic aspect of humanity.

Every social media platform has its own purpose. There are various social media platforms that enable people to be producers and receivers of messages. In other words, people are able to convey and get numerous messages from different people regardless of their geographical locations. The social networks are the most influential elements because they often bring innovative items and ideas.

Social Media platforms are beneficial when you use them right and disadvantage you when you misuse them. It is no secret that everything has its advantages and disadvantages.
Users should bear in mind that any content that gets published on social media platforms stays there permanently. We are living in an era where information is easily accessible to a large number of people and is not easily forgotten once it gets into their hands. Therefore, people must always be ethical whenever they share their point of views on these platforms. They must always bear in mind that whatever they post on social media gets published and is seen by many other people across the globe.

I do however believe that several talented people can market their talents, skills and get benefits from using social media appropriately. Using social networks right, brings benefits to yourself and those around you.

When Social Media is wrongly used, then the benefit will fade out and will inturn disadvantage the user.
We see people every day posting their doings on a daily basis on social networks, sharing their personal staff with total strangers and forgetting how dangerous this information could be in the wrong hands.

Some folks are on social media to insult, offend and bully other people in the name of ‘getting a certain amount of likes and comments’.
However, after a while we see a lot of people losing their integrity, reputation and jobs because of what they once shared or posted on social networks. A lot of people are doing bad things on social media in the name of ‘we are using our own data bundles and mobile phones'.
Many people tend to also portray their negative faces on these platforms in the name of ‘nobody can tell me what to post'. Therefore, I am encouraging people, specifically youngsters to use social media platforms wisely.