Technology makes it possible for Kobby Jones to 'Party All Night'

Ghanaian musician Emmanuel Fokuo aka 'Kobby Jones' supports the idea that the advent of the technological era has made it easier for artists to not only promote themselves and their craft but also made it much more simpler for them to collaborate without necessarily being in the same studio, or geographical area for that matter!

The Ghanaian artist recently collaborated with a Zimbabwean rapper by the name of Dweezy Boi Wonder on a single titled 'Party All Night' and he said that if it weren't for the technological advancements of today, that collaboration might not have taken place at all!

"I am so excited about this collaboration and I can't wait for the rest of the world to listen to it! In this technological era music collaborations have become hassle-free, the internet makes communication and other related stuff easy. As we are chatting now, I am in Ghana and you are in Zimbabwe. What made this possible? the internet of course!", said Kobby Jones.

He went on to further explain how the collabo between the two artists came together........
"We hooked up on twitter and while listening to some of his tunes on SoundCloud, 'No Mercy' to be precise , it was a great song, that's when he brought up the idea saying, 'why don’t we collaborate?'.
"I liked the idea because I had always been searching for any opportunity to cross borders and Dweezy is also looking for the same .
"As an artiste from Ghana (West Africa), I am looking forward to making African music bigger and way better than it is right now", he said.

So excited is the artist that he cannot wait for a chance to tour Zimbabwe and get to perform the collabo with Dweezy for the local folks.
"What I am waiting for is the chance to come to Zimbabwe and get to perform 'Party All Night' with Dweezy Boi Wonder", said Jones

In as far as the development of his own career, the young man said he felt he was on the verge of living his music dream.
"All I can honestly say is 'keep on watching', there's a lot of amazing work ahead and it's only a matter of time! 'am about to blow' (in Ice Prince voice)", he chuckled.