The Constellation Clan: Where Stars Converge

They are part the next generation of stars that are emerging out of South Africa and how amazing is it that this team of talented artists and producers is called 'The Constellation'?
We let one of the stars of the group explain to us how the group came together, what goals they had but more importantly, an idea into what they were cooking up in the studio.
This is The Constellation Clan's story as told through their very own words.... ...


The Constellation Clan is group of stars aligned, we tend to say that to ourselves.. Some of us have known each other for quite a while but we are from different hoods and backgrounds, from SA all the way to Congo. God brought us together and we just became a family..


The name was actually given to us by someone who isn't part of the group, we were looking for a name when he walked into the studio and said, "The answer is simple, Constellation Clan!", it came so naturally, it's like he didnt even think about it. "Constellation Clan, A Group Of Stars.." And it felt so, how can I say this...natural, we agreed on it and that was that!


Capsoul Beatz, Warbeatz

LuvKing, Rocko Royalè, Banjo

Global, Freddy, O-T, Yung B, Young China


To be honest, "These Stars" were combined with the same passion and mission to touch souls with their heart soothing music.
We care about making the best music we can and connecting with people. Over the years, we've developed (individually) a sense of 'independence'. We have our own record label, QCI Entertainment, an entity that we hope to grow into an empire. We would also like to believe that we are a new breed of entrepreneurs like the greats we used to look up to, we will inspire the next breed of artists/entrepreneurs.


We got sponsorship and endorsement from Loko Flame & MoFaya, 3 of our rappers also got nominated several times at the PTA awards in 2013 (this was waaay before the conception of the clan). We also have a song dropped by Capsoul Beatz and its making big waves on the scene right now.. Capsoul Beatz has had the honour of working with established acts like A Reece and Tory Lanez..


Lots of stuff in music terms, we are working on Capsoul Beatz's EP titled "Trap Jungle" dedicated to women. Believe you me the EP is gonna shock the world. Other than that we got an App that we are designing..


Well, So Far So Good. We've learned so much besides making the music, what goes on behind the scenes, everyone on our team is multi-faceted and versatile. Capsoul Beatz is at 11.k followers on Facebook and gladly The Constellation as a whole is gonna grow even bigger