Baranquilla : South America's Cultural Haven

Baranquilla is the capital of Colombia's Atlantico Department and is a bustling seaport flanked by the Magdalena river.

It is the largest city and port in the northern Caribbean Coast region of Colombia, with a population of 1,228,300 as of 2017, making it Colombia's fourth most populous city after Bogotá , Medellín and Cali .

The city is known for its enormous carnival which brings together flamboyantly costumed perfomers, elaborate floats and Cumbia music.

It is said that in Barranquilla, any street becomes a party and that you don't even need to visit the famous carnival to catch a spontaneous crowd dancing around a makeshift stage to instruments such as drums, maracas and millet flutes.
"Every day the art community is growing. There are many local graffiti artists who enrich the city's streets with murals and political statements. There is also many hip hop and champeta bars opening for people to dance in", says Harrison Rojas Trespalacios aka 'Weed Dog' as he is known to the locals.

Barranquilla is of course, home to the Second largest festival in the world. Only the Carnival of Rio de Jenairo in Brazil is larger!
It is held annually, 4 days before ash Wednesday
"Barranquilla is a city where the people are always happy, dancing in the street, enjoying life. We have the second largest Carnival in the world and are very proud of our indigenous and afro roots", he said.

Taking a stroll In the El Prado neighborhood, it would be hard for one to miss the Museo Romantico, which showcases artifacts from past carnivals and exhibits on famous Colombians.

The culturally rich city is home to some of South America's finest musicians/bands over the years and Trespalacios took the time to salute a few of those.
"We have many famous bands and musicians from various styles. Systema Solar is a band that combines the Afro Colombian music of Champeta with hip hop. Shakira is the most welk known, but we also have Joe Arroyo. He was a true Barranquillero who transmits the city's alegria/happiness to the world", he said.

That spirit of togetherness that the city is known for can be felt in every aspect of the society, and the music industry is no exception...
"All the artists come together to support one another. We have a French Alliance Barranquilla organization with direct support from the French government thay has always helped and supported us", said Trespalacios.

Weed Dog has played his own part by supporting bands, graffiti artists, breakdancers, singers and rappers, most of whom are household names by now. Over the years he has also put together countless festival, chief among those being Jaguar fest in Palomino. and Rapkilla.