Beatmaker's Platform Launched

Big news for beatmakers and producers this May! Arguably Zimbabwe's first dedicated platform for beatmakers and producers to promote, network and sell their beats and instrumentals goes LIVE!!

This podium that every beatmaker should be excited about is called Ellusive Beats. Ellusive Beats is the brainchild of Nashê Kelz who is the founder and CEO of the initiative. Nashê said that it was with local producers in mind that led him to set up this venture. This comes at a time where there is an influx of artists and producers trying to secure a spot in the music industry. Nashê thought it's only right that someone provides a one-stop platform for local producers to network and get clientele for their beats.

"I came up with this idea when I  realized that local beatmakers do not always get the credit or monetary rewards that they deserve for their hard work." He is a producer himself, known as Nashê Da - Super Producer . "I thought to myself, 'why not set up a website for beatmakers to sell beats and other wares?' And that's how it all started and now we are calling upon all Zimbabwean producers and beat makers to come up on board." Said Nashê.

"The main goal and aim is to take our local music producers  to the global market. We are here to make your beats and wares accessible to anyone and everyone in the world. The internet is powerful man and the best part is you will get paid for your work." Added Nashê . He also believes that this initiative will help curb piracy, as Ellusive Beats is a safe and secure online store.

The website will go live on the 21st of May, 2018 and producers who want to be part of this platform or those who wish to get further information can email the Ellusive Beats team on:

Ellusive Beats - Keeping The Sound Alive