Blasto's New EP, 'Keeping the Fighting Spirit Alive'

Malawi reggae/dancehall artist Blasto says his brand new EP is not only a direct reflection of his journey so far but a reminder to everyone out there that persistence is indeed the key!

"The title of the Ep was inspired by my personal journey as an artist and also different stories of people I come across and their spirit to excel in life despite the hardships they face. So it's about keeping the fighting spirit alive", said Blasto.

Delving deeper into the EP itself, the artist explored quite a number of themes that he felt were dear to his heart. Among those being the the plight of the motherland, Africa and children everywhere around the globe.

"One of the issues I dealt with on the Ep was about the older generation looking out for the next generation and making sure we don't mislead the younger generation or exploit everything and leave nothing for them. So I make a promise to the younger generation that I will be there for them in the song called Children of Today.
"I also did a song for my beloved continent, 'Mama Africa', where I'm urging all Africans to embrace it and cherish and work towards preserving Africa while at the same time developing it. Africa has been through a lot over the years and now is the time to focus on rebuilding it and restoring it to it's full glory", he said.

Positivity is a running theme throughout the EP and so is Love!

"F.O.B aka Fly Over Badmind' and 'Do Your Ting' are two songs that focus on the theme of living a positive life and fighting badmind. On the other hand I have one tune called 'Just for Your Love' that expresses that unconditional love for a woman", said Blasto

Persistence, which was produced under a label called Ginoxxl Entertainment and distributed by Tuff Gong international, happens to be Blasto's third studio project after 'The Unexpected' (2012) and 'Stronger' (2014) which both carried notable singles like, 'My business', 'Jah nah Sleep', and 'Good Gal among others.
"I believe it is music that many can relate to and tunes like Children of Today make you ask yourself whether you have that positive impact on the youth of today. To the industry it's just a contribution to the positive vibe that is therapy to many music lovers around the world", said the chanter.