Cara Feral was 'Born to Win'

Kenyan reggae/dancehall sensation Cara Feral is by no means a stranger to being the centre of attention. Flashing lights seem to follow her every move and deservedly so, she is a star, after_all!
Her recently released video to the single 'Born to Win' has not only given the song itself a new lease of life but has thrust the dazzling star back into the limelight.

"Born to Win is a song of reaffirmation and confidence that our existence in this world is for a greater good and we will overcome whatever obstacles and pain we go through because we were all born winners.
"The idea behind the video was to show what you have to do as an individual in order to achieve your goals, the obstacles and challenges can only make you stronger and in the end you stand victorious", she said.

The video has undoubtedly done wonders for the single which had been put on the market at the beginning of 2018.
"The single was released earlier this year and the audio has enjoyed a good reception and a fair amount of airplay. The video was released in April and is now available on YouTube. This has given more life to the song with an increased media coverage from blogs, local dailys, magazines and vlogs, there is also a considerable rise in airplay on both local & international radio stations as a result and hopefully the video will do well on TV too", said the dancehall star.

Born to Win was shot at an undisclosed location, directed by Witness from Kenya and two other film directors from Italy under Creative Media. It is a work of art that Cara invested quite a lot in, not just creatively but monetary-wise as well.
"Born To Win is more than just another video, it is a music film, it's not your ordinary day to day music video, it cost USD. 12,000 and I'm proud to say that it sets the record straight as to my intentions of taking over the game", said the reggae/dancehall artist.

For a good couple of years now Cara's talents have mesmerized a whole nation and the outside world. Nobody can doubt her star quality, whether it's that magnetic voice or her her captivating looks, she is simply breathtaking!
Having officially broke through the ranks in 2016, the beautiful singer/songwriter made headlines of course after she became the first East & Central African female artist to officially feature on a riddim produced in Jamaica, a riddim that also featured household names like Busy Signal, RDX, Voicemail and Macka Diamond.

It was also during this same time that the star signed a deal with Majestic Trends, her management company.
A year later, in 2017, her hit song 'Woman Of Steel' debuted at number 10 on the iTunes Hot Tracks Reggae/Dancehall charts, topping songs from Alkaline, Mavado and more artists from Jamaica and again making her the first East and Central African reggae/dancehall artist to debut on the charts.

With Kenya and the rest of the world watching on in amazement as she moves from one milestone to another, Cara is convinced that this is only but the beginning and that there are more accolades/achievements to come!
"For the year 2018, I have quite a lot in store for my fans, having released two music videos and getting to work with some of the most talented producers there is so far, it can only gonna get better from hereon.
"Fans can subscribe to my YouTube CaraFeralVEVO channel and follow me on IG and twitter @caraferal to get frequent updates on my music and what I am up to. My life, my world, I run it", she said in parting.