Charley Reaches for the Stars

If you had to choose just the perfect sentence to best suit how this perfomer goes about his business then there would be no better line than one made famous by hiphop culture itself that says 'go big or go home'.

MALAWIAN hiphop/afro_pop artist 'Charley' (Real Name Charles nthukwa Tsakama) wants to spread his wings as wide and as far as he possibly can!
"I don't want to limit myself in working and as diverse as I am I know its possible to reach that goal and I want to go as far as I can on the international stage and win awards too like AFRIMA or even BET and make music with other artists from outside my country, open doors for my fellow Malawian artists and we put Malawi on the map and we showcase our talent..Malawi has a lot of Talent", said Charley, as he is popularly known in the music circles.
"I want to be known throughout the whole of Malawi and be able to tailor messages to different people because music is more powerful and can reach a lot of people but first one has to know the target audience and how to meet them and know what they like and how to deliver it to them", he added.

The 23 year old The hiphop/trap/afropop artist who comes from what he describes as 'the warm heart of Africa' (Malawi) made his breakthrough in 2015 with the track 'Goods Tender', a collaboration with talented singer Bucci.
Notably, the young man is part of "Classmates Music which was formed in 2015 is comprimised of names such as Dj Nathan Tunes, Hazel Mak, Bucci, Skid, KeiM,Teddy, Elle Mak and ofcourse Me.
"The most important thing about the group is that we are a family and as the group name suggests, we are mates doing the same class of music. People always ask if we all went to the same school and if we were in the same class", he said.

Tsakama, like most of us, still takes the time to appreciate those 'memory-worth' moments, and looking at what he has managed to do thus far, he definitely has a lot to look back on and smile!
"I still seat back and reminisce on special moments, the shows and the big acts that I have shared the stage with, international acts like Cassper Nyovest, Emtee, Gemini Major ad other big local acts like Tay Grin, Hazel mak, Theo Tompson and Freedokis...  the list goes on", said the 23 year old.

Charley revealed to Urban Craft that he was working on a lot of projects that will soon hit the market, top of that list being a solo Ep called ​'City Lights​'.
"I just finished recording an Ep with Bucci called Bunja Nation and we dropped a single called Woop'd from it and it already has a video. Mabongwe is the next single to come out and after that we will drop the whole project cause a lot of people have been asking and waiting for it.
"We will also be dropping Hazel Mak's song, on which I feature called Badda dan We, plus we are working with DJ Nathan Tunes on an EP as well. Lastly, Classmates Music fans should be ready for more music and more visuals", he said.