Colombia's Radio_Rumbo Embraces Hiphop/Reggae

The hiphop, reggae and dancehall scene in Bogota, Colombia has over the years grown immensely. It has won over a lot of hearts and now sits on the precipice of a landmark occasion, for, the capital city is about to have its very first 24hr FM radio station entirely dedicated to just these 3 genres!
"The reason why the director wanted the station to host these program them on the station was because the Colombian scene is very big and talented, it is worth noting that it is one of the most important and influential in Latin America, both reggae and hiphop precisely lacked a medium that could make visible all the national groups that are making music in a very serious way and from the middle, strengthen the different scenes", said Andrea Mayorga, the man in charge of what will be the first FM station in Bogota that will put on 24 hours of hip hop reggae and dancehall

"The radio station (Radio Rumbo/107.4Fm) is located in the municipality of Soacha and has been operating for 20 years. The young people through hiphop, reggae, dancehall and AfroSound musical genres are today a force to reckon with, a force that we certainly cannot ignore!
"Sadly, what is lacking are more platforms in as far as commercial broadcasting, that is what led to the programming change and for now, specialized programs are being set up in each genre. The reggae one is called Latin Roots, broadcast every Wednesdays from 5 to 6 PM and is run by Felipe Mayorga andes "ras maital". On Saturdays we have a specialized hiphop slot, from 3 to 5PM directed by charles González "Vox populi".
"The station will officially go live and be able to broadcast these genres for 24hrs, non-stop, during the upcoming Hiphop to the Park festival", added the station manager.

For Mayorga, it was only right that Bogota led the way, given the fact that there were already in place, nationally-recognized platforms that supported this movement in the Capital. It is a movement that he hopes will spread to the rest of the country and beyond it as well.
"The Bogota scene is one of the most important in Latin America, all artists want to go through our capital, there are several bars and thematic places that pay artists of these genres very well to play. We also have the most important festival in terms of rap 'Hiphop to the Park' and we also have the most representative reggae event in Latin America which is called the 'Jaming festival' that brings together more than 30 international artists and has attracted artists in the magnitude of the Marley family. The scene is one of the most vibrant and respected in Latin America", he said.

Naturally, the response from the audiences, the artists and the community at large has been overwhelming.
"The response from the audience has been quite positive because there has been a lack of radio media that focuses on these genres.
"The important thing about the station is that the main objective is to strengthen the industry of reggae and hiphop by means of the station supporting new artists that can represent our country in the world", said Mayorga.

For quite a while now, Andrea has been campaigning for the first hiphop, reggae and dancehall FM station in Bogotá.
"There was a desire for media, in all forms, to support these genres and so this is a very good place to start. We have already begun to work with the likes of Javier alert Kamarada and Martinique who are in charge of the Rototom colombia and positioning ourselves as one of the major players when it comes to pushing these genres", he said.

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