DjFlavor Brings that 'Flavour' to the Game

Dj Flavor is a man dedicated to his craft, thats for sure. So dedicated that he is in the process of putting together 3 EPs at the very same time that are set to be unleashed onto the market at a date to be announced soon.

"Normally these projects bring with them planning, commitment and discipline of the artists, the sound engineer and mine.
"The main objective of these Ep's is to bring to the public something fresh, never before seen in Colombia through music and impact the listeners. I think that the artists whom I have worked with on these projects have their own style that is complemented with what I look for.
"Each Ep is made up of 6 songs, emphasizing the essence of the Sound system, promoting ideals and opinions against 'Babylon', said the dj, whose real name is Andrés Parra.

To the wheelspinner, it is all about giving the industry an authentic product at the end of the day and more importantly satisfying his listerners.
"Nowadays the musical world experiences an infinite variety of musical proposals, new talents, genres and mergers. The ease with which you can know all these type of projects is thanks to digital platforms. The filter of the listener is becoming more demanding and what I am looking for with these EPs is to give an original touch to the music industry and those who are part of it", said the 25 year old while speaking to Urban Craft magazine from Bogotá, Colombia.

Young, he might be but DjFlavor has covered quite a lot of ground in such a short space of time. He has no doubt grown in stature and has made a name for himself on the international scene as well as within South America.
"I work with more than 230 Dancehall & Reggae artists worldwide, most of them with DUBPLATES. Some artists are: Edley Shine from the group "Born Jamericans", Culture Brown, Jamalski, Jamaruk, Caliajah, Ketchup, Yaniss Odua, Richie Loop, Baroni One time, Nappy Naco, Skarra Mucci, Ras Campbell, Landa Freak, Banton, J-Max, Jah Wayne, The 5 Love, Roe Summerz among others aimed at my performance.
"I am currently the Level Manager of caliajah (Chilean singer-songwriter) in Colombia. Together with Pepa Man he organized the first Culture Brown tour in the country for the month of November among other projects", he said.

The Bogota, Colombia dj's professional career started in 2013, playing at parties and events on the underground rap scene but graduated to dancehall Raggamuffin and Raggae as of 2015.