DOLA BILLZ Yearns to Connect More with Africa

Having established himself in the UK over the years, Nigerian rapper Dola Billz has expressed a profound need to connect more with his roots back in Africa.
"I feel like even though I have lived on the uK all these years I still connect more deeply with my African side and as always, I still make use of my dialect (Yoruba) in my music to show my connection to Africa.
"As such, in recent times I have been trying to bring my music to Africa as a whole, I am currently working on a number of projects and even though I'm in no position to share more details, these are projects that I know I would do everything in my capacity to make sure they are distributed throughout Africa", said the musician.

Dola Billz {Dolapo Bello} is a talented British Nigerian Rap Mc, Sound Engineer/Producer /Poet and has performed along-side household Nigerian artists such as Dbanj, Don-jazzy, the late Da Grin etc, as well as international acts like Terry Walker, 50-cent, Montel Jordan, Mos-def and Dono-mar, among others.

This is the same level of success that Dola is hoping to reflect in Africa............
"The Uk market has always been good to me.. my music has always been accepted here and subsequently I’ve always managed to conduct a tour.. Now I want a similar occurrence in Africa, it would be nice to go on a African Tour", said the rapper/producer.

Billz would also like to be at the forefront of pushing African music and introducing it to new territories all over the globe.
"I would like to be a part of the group of people that put African music on the map and make sure that it is accepted globally and recognised at the Grammys even", said the rapper.

To date he is considered as a veteran rapper and known for his unorthodox rhymes and his witty wordplay. His electric stage presence and persona has earned him respect and appreciation in Scotland, Wales, England and all over Nigeria.

Dola made a successful debut in 2009 with the track Puyanga', that he later followed-up with other hits such as 'Jeun-lo, Sing4me, and Cant take no more' which all put Dola into the spotlight.

He has in recent times released #RapstarEP2 , a sequel to the original #RapstarEP (both can be purchased on itunes)  that features singles such as 'Mule Jule',  'In her Eyes' and "JamiLaya" which have garnered quite the support for him at home and abroad.

Check out some of Dola recent videos below
In Her Eyes feat CeeFigz -
Jamilaya :
Mule Jule -