El Fez Re-Writing His Own Destiny Through Music

Article by Allistar Marunya

There's a very inspirational quote that says, 'it does not matter how you start, all that matters is how you finish'.
The focus of this article, Obasanjorn El-Fez Kapa who was born in 1984 in Bloemfontein South Africa is one individual who strongly believes that this saying will one day mirror his own musical journey. He came from humble beginnings but is determined to make sure his story has a fairytale end!

He says his love for music was born within him and that the first song he could sing by heart was "Don't worry be happy" by Bobby McFerrin which then inspired him to start writing his own music at the age of 13 in 1997.
He has explored so many different genres in his lifetime, from kwaito, reggae to rnb and of course hip-hop which is naturally his main focus right now.
Fez says that he's trying to change how people view hiphop because all we think of when it comes to hiphop is women being insulted or talk about drugs and making money. His type of hiphop is inspirational and touches base with what we as human beings go through each and every day of our lives. His mission is for people to be able to relate to his music, be touched and moved by it.

The Bloemfontein born and bred emcee released his first official single in November 2016, a track that went straight to #1 on South Africa's radio station CUT FM's local top 20.With all that going on for him he feels that he hasn't had a breakthrough in the true sense of word but has gained due recognition that he needs to help him break into the industry.

I had the opportunity to chat with his close friends and lovers of his music and they all describe him as a great person who is determined to reach his goals, a person with so much love , an inspiration and a very focused being. They all feel that his music is the one that more people should actually prefer listening to because of the message it carries, and they say it's very educational, not forgetting how easy it is to relate to.

El Fez, as he is known by many is just getting started and is not going to stop until his music reaches a mass number of people all over the world. At the moment his track "My Time" is on everyone's lips and is doing the most and we are certain his passion and talent wont go unnoticed!