Eretelle Simply Fulfilling Her Calling

She is a passionate young lady to whom the art of being a singer/songwriter is a calling and she is determined to fulfil her mission, all in the service of The Lord.
Currently based in Ghana where she is pursuing her studies, the talented and beautiful Congo Brazzaville musician narrates her own story.............

The name is Eretelle, I’m a songwriter and have been writing songs for the past 15 years now, since 2003 when I was just 12 years of age.
I write songs in English, French and Lingala. The very first song that I wrote was titled 'Bolingo ya kolo yesu', which means the “love of God”.

Before I enrolled for high school in 2008 I went to one of the English clubs near my area to learn English for three months and it was immediately afterwards that I wrote my first English song (My Voice Sings For You).

The funny thing is that during that time I couldn’t even speak English properly so my lecturer helped me out with some corrections and translations. After that I decided to take my craft more seriously, my mother bought me some cassettes because we didn't own a CD player at that time.

I used our radio to record some of my songs and wanted to go to and introduce myself to some of our country's media houses but my dad strongly opposed, his reasoning being that I was too young.
In his mind he told himself that me being involved in the entertainment industry so early on would mean the end of my days at school.

I kept on writing songs and up until 2014 I had written more than 32 songs (English,  French and Lingala).

Along the way I decided to stop writing for a while in order to pursue modeling. I wanted to do modeling because people used to ask me questions like 'are you a professional model?' or 'do you do modelling?', all the time.

Even though my answer was always "No", they’d all tell me that I had everything required to be one!

However, because of the demands that come with modelling, I decided to leave it and go back to serving my Lord like I was doing before and that was through music!

I wasn't at all comfortable with modelling, my heart was not at peace. I just couldn't see myself being a willing participant in that world where it's normal for you to parade your body (sometimes in the nude) to total strangers.

I found my passion for writing songs again back in 2017 and I haven't looked back since!

For now I would like to start with making more trips to the studio. One of my classmates here in Ghana happens to own a studio and has assured me that he can help me start recording my music.

My inspiration, like I said before, comes from above, it’s the grace of God when I look at everything around me. I can feel his grace and glory when I read my bible and also when listening to other artists' gospels songs.

I see myself breaking onto the international market and ultimately being a leading example to the young ones. Hopefully I can inspire one or two young minds out there to not only pursue their goals but also do it the right way, God's way!

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