Gia's Handmade Masterpieces

Gia Cabezas, has, through her designs managed to not only touch but put smiles on countless people all over the world. To the Colombian, this is what makes her craft all the more worthwhile!
"I have reached thousands of people around the world, the majority of whom have  fallen in love with my designs. I really believe this is the most rewarding aspect of my experience", said the founder of Gia Clothes & Accessories.

What began in earnest as a desire to put something original on the market has grown into a full-fledged business venture which has in recent years grown immensely.
"It started as an intimate drive for developing an original style and a desire for sharing it with everyone so as to give them the opportunity to build a unique style themselves", said Gia Cabezas.

Gia Clothes & Accessories offers a wide range of one-of-a-kind products, each colourful and hand-crafted. The designs are unique and yet affordable.
"Every piece is unique. My "stamps" on T-shirts are hand-painted and the accesories are made using recycled material, thereby making every piece unique", she said.

It is that 'uniqueness' that has customers clamouring to purchase the latest products on the Gia Clothes & Accessories line. Her clients appreciate the craftiness of her designs and find the fact that they are all hand-made very appealing.
"Most people value the complexity of the handwork involved in the making. Also, people appreciate the impressive nature of the pieces. They recognize that being hand-made the pieces carry an added value of exclusiveness.
"Every moment that I get to do this is amazing for me. Especially when I see either casual customers or well-known people wearing my clothes and accessories and inviting others to get my work because they really liked what they bought", said the designer.

Gia's main focus right now is to further market her brand in and outside South America and eventually open up more stores as well.
"My major goals right now are to spread my brand a lot more so I can open a big store with other hand crafters in which they can show their products abroad. And my every day goal is to do what I do because it makes me happy and it always brings good karma!", she said.