J Killer Set to Announce 'Deeper Than You Know' EP Release Date

Word on the street is that the release of the hard-hitting Ep titled 'Deeper Than You Know' that emerging rapper, J-killer has been busy preparing in the studio these last few months is imminent.
According to reports reaching our ears, an official release date will be announced soon and there’s even talk of a potential 'They Thought I was finished' track to be included on the final track list!

The world of hip-hop might seem a difficult point of entry to challenge stereotypes, but a new wave of artists are claiming their place.
J-Killer has brought his own brand without any assistance from music companies or an invester. Dropping words like ‘Amir obe’, ‘Tory Lance, ‘Sjava SA etc, some might understand from the club circuit, but if not, you don't have to worry, you’ll soon pick it up!

The rapper is newly independent after he left the company that he was signed under for 3 years, a time which he described as 'hell'.

After dropping 'Don't lie', arguably one of the dopest singles to hit the streets, a song that sent shockwaves in Pretoria and Johannesburg, the hiphop artist decided it was time to now give his fans a bigger body of work through his forthcoming EP.

J-killer, a native of Tembisa (just outside Midrand) started his hustle ekasi, with a group of friends and later on went solo. His first single that went big was 'Ngiyasebenza' and he followed that up with 'Way up", a song that also sent shockwaves throughout the rap industry.

Music is however not the only thing that he's passionate about, he has set up an agency that gives youth the platform to showcase their talents called Ubuntu Models.
He says that it's not only about himself succeeding but also opening aqual opportunities for the next generation of stars.

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