"Let's Encourage More Female Wheelspinners", Dj Bubblegum

LILONGWE, MALAWI wheelspinner, Sahayi Ngwira aka Dj Bubblegum says more needs to be done to encourage the participation of more females in the entertainment industry,  especially the disk jockey sector.

Being one of the few, if not the only one doing it for the ladies on the scene right now, Ngwira said there were numerous factors that played a part in keeping most females at a distance, one of those being the endless stereotyping.

"In my opinion, there is fear when it comes to getting into the industry and being talked about negatively and getting a bad reputation from rumors that people attach to being in the industry.
"Secondly, I feel like most families do not support or encourage females to go after a passion like this because of the above reasons.
"It is no secret that this is an industry where favours and opportunities don't come without a price so most women would rather choose to just avoid it in the first place. I also feel that there's not enough exposure, resources and ways that people can learn the skill", said Sahayi Ngwira

The talented wheelspinner reckons that for there to be change, a good place to start from would be society itself and how it looks at females in the entertainment industry.
"What needs to be changed is the mindset of the society in general, djaying is a profession and people need to start respecting it. Just because it is a leisure form of employment doesn't mean that it is not a hustle", she said.

Regardless of the lack of more female competition, the Lilongwe native is convinced more than ever before that she has to prove herself and show her male counterparts and society that she deserves her to be here pursuing her passion.

"Being the only female in the industry, it is quite a sad reality because there are so many missed opportunities that other females can and should be gaining from. It is also great in a way because I am always the first choice.
"Even though I don't have much female competition, I push myself and go head-to-head with the male Djs so I can be better and prove to clients that I am like or better than them", said Dj Bubblegum, as she is known to her peers.

The dj who describes herself as a creative and go-getter is playing her own part in trying to encourage the inclusion of more females in this sector.
"At the moment, I have tried encouraging a few people..tried searching, to no avail. I am however, teaching the craft to these two young females and they are getting better by the day
"They are still learning but when I feel they are ready, you will surely be the first to hear about it!
"One just needs to have self discipline and respect.. patience and hardwork. If you have the passion for it...then why not go for it", said the 25 year old.