Lindi Marc Reflects on Zim Tour

South African based gospel singer Lindi Marc has described her recent tour of Zimbabwe as an amazing experience and a chance for her to reconnect with the people back home.
Her tour was originally slated to kick off on the 24th and end on the 26th of May but due to public demand, she had to cancel her flight back to SA just so she could squeeze in another perfomance on the 27th!

"The whole experience was amazing! I even had to cancel my flight on sunday morning so I could perform again in the church by a popular demand.
"From The FACES show to the one at Poths ministry, it was overwhelming. The crowds were huge and unbelievable and the church treated me like a queen. I am so grateful to the Apostle and his staff at Poths ministry", said Lindi

For the Bulawayo born singer, it was good to be back home and she herself was even more overcome by the love and hospitality that she was showered with.
"Sometimes you don't even know how popular you are until someone recognizes you when you buying food lol.
"I felt welcomed and appreciated, It was really great to be back, not only to share my music but to also reconnect with the folks back home", said Marc

The gospel artist moved to SA in 2009 after an unsuccessful attempt to launch her music career in Bulwayo.
Life in SA wasn't easy at first and aside from her music career, Lindi had to do nails and hair on the street to feed herself.
Her fortunes were to change for the better after meeting producer, Kross marcellus Moses who today is her manager, producer, husband and father to their 3 kids.
Marc successfully relaunched her career back in 2015 and in November 2017 she dropped her debut album, VHURAI NZIRA, which virtually thrust her into the spotlight over night!

But it seems that nomatter how famous or how much recognition she gets, to her, Zimbabwe will always be home!
"I will always come back to Zim, this is my home and anytime I have a single or an album I will always prefer to start from home.
"I even have a show slated for Bulwayo during the first week of August and there's a lot of promoters who have expressed a great desire to see me performing in Zimbabwe more often", said Lindi.

The musician also took the opportunity to share with us news on her highly anticipated second album and a tour to Nigeria, among other things.
"I am working on my second album and a tour to Nigeria plus looking forward to collaborating with other artist, globally and also from back home in Zimbabwe.

"My new album should be out around September or thereabouts this year and the official video to the hit track 'Faithfullness' should be out soon", she said.