Lwandle Shamase shares 'The Ultimate' Goal

"It is the hunger, hunger to be the greatest thing that has ever come out of SA. To make myself proud and to do what I was born to do. Being a creative and being weird is all I've ever known. I really just want to do what I love and succeed at it. It is something that comes from deep within for me", said South African presenter/actor/rapper/social media influencer, Lwandle Atlanta Shamase aka 'The Ultimate' while speaking to Urban Craft in a recent interview.

The creative who is slowly but surely making a mark for himself on SA's entertainment scene right now is doing his best to make sure he lives up to the hype and inturn, show everyone that he indeed is 'the face that runs the place'.
"My immediate goal at the moment is to just launch my debut rap Mixtape which is entitled 'Extension 3', dropping on July 13th and then get recruited into V-entertainment and hopefully get minor acting roles in soapies like The Queen or Generations.
"The long terms goals would be BET, working along artists like Shane Eagle and co and to be hosting top tier events like the SAHHA's and MAMA's and be a top tier actor as well and maybe break into a few action movies (hopefully Marvel Films Lol)", said Shamase aka L Mase, as he is known in the music circles.

Even though he seems to have found a formula for doing it all, the 23 year old final year Corporate Governance student at Wits University reckons that he has a much stronger inclination towards presenting.
"I love talking. I love hosting and I love engaging with people and showing them a good time. Presenting has always been something I've done relatively well all my life so I'm definitely passionate about it the most.
"I also do have a specific look and personality which isn't very common and I'm very hard to miss so I could be that individual that people can see from a distance due to the type of look I always rock. The beanie is powerful I tell you, Lol", he said jokingly.

The road towards achieving his dreams has not always been easy for Shamase but it has in recent times gotten a lot better!
" I've been trying to get into the industry since 2015. I became a social media Influencer and public figure that very same year and in 2017 got recruitted to being a VOOV Vj and VOOVTV presenter and I am now co-hosting a live TV tech review show called VOOVStuff (every Tuesday at 5pm on channel 196).
"I managed to open a YouTube channel called Ghavengers - 'Mzansi's Littest Heroes' and more content will be dropping there soon. I have been an extra on soapies before and I have promoted numerous events as well.
"It's been a tough road because I have MC'd at a lot of events for Free but the brand has been growing nevertheless and as such, it is starting to pick up steam and all things seem to be going well. I just need to focus on myself more, gym & drink more water and keep my head down", said Lwandle, who also happens to be a fitness enthusiast.