Nasha Dee to Host New Talent Show

KENYAN rapper/actress, Nasha Dee has just been confirmed as the host of a brand new tv show titled 'Talanta Mashinani' that is set to hit our tv screens in the coming months.
"Yes, I am working on a talent search program called Talanta Mashinani. Basically we go from ghetto to ghetto discovering talented people and giving the best a chance to get into our academy, for a chance to be coached and directed on ways to take their career to the next level.
"The winners of the three categories which are; music and rap, dance and phenomenal acts get 1million shillings each and a 6 month recording or filming contract.
"We are trying to change lives, and though our focus right now is Nairobi, the plan is to take the show to the rest of Kenya in season 2", said Nasha Dee.

According to Nasha, a pilot episode for the tv show has already been shot and production of the first season is currently underway.
"Well the production company that I am part of called Falcon Eye Ventures has been doing a couple of films and series. However these did not get as much airtime as we had hoped for. During an interview at KBC, Talanta Mashinani was birthed. The idea resonated with the board of directors and we decided to give it more thought.
"Within a month, we had shot the first episode and though we are yet to complete the first season, production is underway", she said.

Talanta Mashinani is set to take the audience on a journey like no other as it will provide them with a close-up of the artists' lives, struggle and transformation as they aim their sights towards the mainstream.
"Unlike other talent shows where contestants are invited to a centralized location for auditions, we decided to go home to them and shine the spotlight on their lives.
"Talanta Mashinani seeks to highlight the challenges that artists go through on the ground and the viewer is able to take a journey with the contestants from the beginning of their journey to the grand finale and is able to witness the transformation of a life right before their eyes. That's our main objective", said the rapper/actress whose real name is Nailantei Looseyia.

The actress, who has been on TV series's like Tahidi High, KTN's Ultimate Challenge, Love 101, and a couple of other movies is also currently working on an album titled 'Bittersweet' that is slated for a launch in August and a couple of other collaborations with some of the best acts in the country.