Nyalisa Wear Spearheads Era of the African-print Suit

In any man's closet, there are very few things that are considered as 'essential', one of those is a suit!
Nowadays, there's a suit for every occassion, from dinner, casual to business suits etc
(business suits being 'sober' in colour and style of course).
This very important piece of clothing is said to have originated in the UK and over the years, variations to it have come in terms of design, cut, and cloth, such as two- and three-piece, or single- and double-breasted, which naturally determines the social and work suitability of the garment.

Malawian designer and proud founder of Nyalisa Wear, Wyson Bowman sees this as a largely unexplored market in his own country and has gone about making sure that it is catered for.

He is working with one of Malawi's famous sons, Tay Grin to introduce what he termed 'African-print suits' to the public. By now we are sure you'd have spotted him looking all dapper at award shows and ceremonies, all thanks to this 'African-print suit'.
Bowman is also in talks with Koka Kalea to introduce the 'You Can't Be Like Us' brand of suits onto the market.

"Our main target is to satisfy demand and make sure we leave our footprint, not just locally but on a global scale as well.
"This idea came after we realised that there was a demand for this particular type of suit that was coming from Tay Grin's fans and other fashion-conscious people out there", said Wyson Bowman.

"On the other hand, the "You Can't Be Like Us' concept has been there for quite a while now with Koka Kalea, and its something that a lot of people have liked.
"Koka Kalea proposed this idea to Nyalisa Wear and we agreed to introduce this brand of suit. It will be a brand of high quality that we surely hope will be able to compete internationally as well", added the designer.

Nyalisa Wear was started in South Africa in 2009 by Wyson Bowman himself and has grown from strength to strength over the years.
"Whilst in South Africa, we had been working with different designers, the likes of PULE, LIVESTOKE AND PALSE. During this period Nyalisa Wear improved a lot and in 2016  Nyalisa Wear decided to return back home to Malawi", said Bowman.

Wyson has designed clothes for big name artists like Donald from SA, Tay grin, Theo, and Bucci, to mention but a few.