Ortiz : Changing the World Through Art, One Day At A Time


For Juan Carlos Ortiz, better known as 'pachanguitas' in the reggae and dancehall circles for 'toasting' and being host, there's no better satisfaction than that which from not only interacting with the audience and art enthusiasts but sitting down with the kids and helping them identify their own talent early on.
"I believe that there's a lot we need to and should do for the young generation, especially during their formative years. This is the ideal age where you can find yourself, discover your talent and study hard to be the best at it, whether theater, dance, music, dance, drawing, ballet or sport", he said.

He, himself got introduced to and fell in love with art at a similar stage in his life, something of which he is very grateful for even today.
"I've always been a lover of art, ever since I was young and got to experience it firsthand in my own neighborhood. I grew up in a community that appreciated art in all forms, from the music, dance and everything else in-between, my beloved Bogotá DC Colombia had it all.
"During my school days it was all about integrating myself into any cultural event that was being done either at school or in the neighborhood, with my greatest love of course being theatre. My dream was to be a great actor one day, a dream that is still alive even today at 31", said Ortiz.

For one to succeed at what they do, it is certainly all about having enough passion and dedication to see it all through, Juan agrees.
"I believe that anything that we can do with our bodies is already an art so the benefit initially is within yourself. The onus is on you to then discover that special something that you possess, something that you will dedicate everything you have towards, in order to perfect.
"With dedication and effort, you can be a great musician, a great dancer, a great actor, a great painter etc you just have to believe", he said.

Art can change, not only the individual but ultimately the world itself in so many amazing ways,. That is just how powerful a tool it is and why Juan thinks it is a vital component in any society.
"The work I've done so far has been quite rewarding for me because I did not have to follow the system, nor follow certain rules to be fully happy.
"What we hope to do is demonstrate that we are warrior people, that we also have dreams, dreams that we can change the world through art. For that reason alone, that is why I reiterate that starting with young people is always best. We are taking the first step towards sharing our knowledge with people who will value it through art and with all the love and energy life itself has to offer", said Ortiz.

Juan, who is also a carpenter believes that the greatest secret to happiness and success is doing all that you do with love. It is a message that he hopes to share with the rest of the world.
"I hope to be able to carry out the process of sharing knowledge, especially to people who do not have recourse to things in life and the means to realize their own dreams", said the 31 year old.