"Production Chose Me" : Dhecade

Producer, Gbenga 'dhecade' Olaoti's journey towards the top has not always been a straight path. Urban Craft had a brief chat with the producer, whose work usually has him travelling back-and-forth between Nigeria and South Africa. He gave us an idea of how it all started and where he is surely going to take it!

"My ear or rather if I may, 'God given talent' (My mum would love that),�started or rather became more pronounced at the age of 10. It was not really easy for me as I was raised by a mother and father who put me through the best schools. I guess with the hope of one day raising a doctor.  🙂
"It's not easy explaining to folks that you look up to that you wanna make music since it's not a white collar job. I eventually or rather due to societies expectations, lol, got the paper that is meant to validate my ear for music", said Gbenga.

Throughout his career, he has been privileged enough to work with some of the African continent's biggest stars but remains as down-to-earth as ever before.
"I'm not gonna downplay or sugar-coat that I've been fortunate enough to work with the best of the best. From the likes of Morell, Phyno, Phenom, M.I, Ice Priince, Endia, Sean Tizzle to Kly and finally I can boast about my brother, Fulstop.
"The one I enjoyed working with though would definitely have to be MI. He is just extremely professional and has a lot of character in the studio. He taught me one or two things and he just made my job soo easy, being someones who never 'faffs' around in the studio", he said.

Music production, just like life, definitely has its days but for this particular producer, it is more than just making beats and recording vocals, it's his escape!

"I feel like production chose me, not the other way around, Lol. But to be more practical, I decided to professionally pursue it when I was able to make sense of sound.
"It's not a bed of roses but I do cherish every minute that I am in my studio. My craft is my most sacred space. Music to me is what a punching bag is to a boxer.
"It's where I express myself the most. It's where I let me be me, effortlessly. It's a work in progress really. Only time will depict the journey. However I trust the process, God's timing", he said.

Dhecade is super excited about being able to finally release the music that he and his brother have been working on in recent months, he made no secret of that fact.
"I'm looking forward to the work that I've been doing for my younger brother, Fulstop . I've been working, and 'religiously' I might add, on his projects in the last couple of months and I must say that I'm proud of the end product", said Dhecade.

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