Sharika Soal Shares a few nuggets of Wisdom

"Your mind is more powerful than you can comprehend and as long as you treat your mind like the powerful tool that it is, your thoughts will take you where your heart wants to go.
"Trust the process and remember you have to fail in order to win so know that you are never failing as long as you are trying.
"Your success is literally in your mind, if you can see it, never let it go", said United States publicist Sharika Soal in a recent interview with Urban Craft.

She herself is of course a prime example of someone who is 'walking the talk', she is no doubt making her own mark on this planet!

"I am a web designer and strategic marketing consultant for brands and celebrities aka a publicist. I own along with a few other urban entertainment blogs, in the entertainment industry I'm what they call "the plug" it's like being super famous and powerful except no one knows what it is you do or how.
"I started this career in 2014 after I left a deal with Justin Timberlake and the new MySpace. I decided that being the product is not what I actually wanted. I wanted to be the people who told me "No" at auditions and I learned very quickly they were called A/R, managers, so I literally slapped a PR on my band name 'Ladysoal' and never looked back", said Sharika Soal.

The American who describes her role as a 'glorified babysitter' has had quite the colourful career so far and worked with a number of the who's who of the entertainment industry.
"My role is basically a glorified babysitter for famous people who need someone to help them create more fame or sustain it. I am full service company. I can build them websites or place them on a tv set.
"I have handled all types of clients, celebs just happened to be the closet people to me at the time of my transition from music to public relations. My first big client was signed to interscope records and from there I picked up, Coolio, Serayah from empire, Tiffany Pollard from I love New York, Blac Chyna's assistant, Momma Dee from Love and Hip hop ATL and Pilar Sanders etc...the list since 2014 is long honestly.
"I have been in charge of movie sets like "The Shickles" that had a 4 million dollar budget to placing my clients on reality tv shows for VH1 (K.Michelle, My Life season 2 etc)  I also do red carpet placements in New York, ATL, and LA", she said.

As dedicated as she is to her career, Sharika's says that her child is the centre of her world and that as adults we need to do more to protect our offspring.
"My biggest passion in life is my child. He has given me a whole new perspective on life and how children are the least protected humans on the planet. My activism is my love for my child. Politically, people get confused what party I am affiliated with and often, they feel dissapointed when I tell them I am an independent.
"I am an independent because children are non partisan. It takes a little while for people to get but after a few tweets they catch on. I'm a mom. My passion is my child and because I have watched him suffer the thought of other children going through any hardship by neglectful adults is something I give my voice too and always will.
"Kids don't have a say about the choices adults make and it's up to us to make sure we are evolving the ways in which we protect them. They are so precious and innocent and just want love", said Soal.

Nomatter how famous or 'Hollywood' she is or will inevitably become, the former artist says that it was important to have her feet on the ground, always.
"I want to be human and relatable as possible because it's how I learned how to heal and accept myself. When I realized I'm a human, it's ok to not be Beyonce", she said.