Sugar Tackles Womanhood on New Album


The dictionary will tell you that 'Womanhood' is the 'definition of a woman', in truth it is something that goes beyond just biological features.....
Kenyan rapper, Sugar has gone out of her way to explore some of those distinguishing characteristics and/or qualities in a brand new album that is slated for release this July.

Titled Salute Ma'da'me (slang for women in Swahili) and comprised of 13 Tracks, the album will be available on the market this Winter.
Though the official release date is yet to be announced, the rapper said she found inspiration for the album from her own experiences and those that women everywhere have to face on a daily basis.

"My inspiration for this title came as a result of the challenges I had been going through at the time. I remember doing this video while heavily pregnant and having to face so many obstacles in trying to get the project done. During the shoot one of our dancers walked through a glass door, which shattered to pieces and left him bleeding profusely and in a state of shock. To make the situation worse, while he was being rushed to hospital, the car broke down, so we had to organize alternative transportation to take him to hospital.
"Meanwhile we had to continue shooting the video despite the circumstances, so much was against us but we pulled through. It was at this point that it was clear how much, women go through and still remain passionate and strong and more often than not, don't get any appreciation, thus the title", she said.

To the musician, this album is an extraordinary piece of work that she hopes women everywhere can identify with.

"This will be an extraordinary kind of album, a fusion of sound from the deepest part of the Kenyan Ghetto to the high streets of London all balanced out by the sultry sensation of Sugar.
"This album will be a representation of what womanhood is like in a man's world. My hope is that the album will resonate with women everywhere and not just the ones who love Hip Hop and Trap Music", said the artist, real name Judy Okemo

Sugar is set to take to the road on a tour to promote the album. A tour that she hopes will not only entertain but teach and inspire as well.
"The tour will be focused on the youth all over the country, promoting the Album, and Inspiring this millennial generation", she said.