'Sunrise in Dreamland' a poem by Tanaka Mauka

Its just this other quiet night.The echoes of my footsteps are preambled in the beautiful valley between two hills, dreams and nightmares.

I can feel the lashy green grass, wet of the morning dew, softly stimulating the spirits of activity in me. Its another hour of a spectacular sunrise in the land of dreams.
I can hear the birds amorously sing "good morning "in their tiny, charming voices. There are only two fasttrains that can take you to another world you never dreamt of, in just a matter of seconds,"dreams and nightmares ".

I move forward confidentially, backwards briskly and then came to null motion. My muscles retire into the darkness of movements. My chin kissed hello to a half revolution turn and the whole body hugs it.
She feels as though it's not enough. Going up a bit was her next excellent move.

I look attentively at the eastern horizon momentarily. It seems as if it's coming alive. That side is dispelling the harsh weather conditions of the previous night. The waters, streets, forests and air are becoming aswarm with activity. The animal world is drowning in life.

The big yellow sun comes out, slowly but really as though the ancestors of darkness are strongly resisting to let him reign. He is illuminating the velvet blackness that bathed mother earth.

That is the dawn of a new day in dreamland.New plans and resolutions are coming to reality.