"The Best is Yet to Come": Iyse Gibson

For MEMPHIS, TENNESSE rnb singer Iyse Gibson (pronounced Ice Gibson), anything is possible as long as there's enough passion and will.
"As a person. I am a man that loves his family and I appreciate people. I love God and believe that you can accomplish anything that God wills",

Speaking to Urban Craft magazine all the way from the United States, the singer/songwriter/producer gave us an insight into who he is and the origins of his own career.
"I started my career as a teenager, performing for youth at my high school and surrounding schools. I soon realized my interest in producing and songwriting. I met the amazing Willie Mitchell, Al Green's producer. We worked together for several years. I called him Pops. He taught me a lot about being a music producer and songwriter as well, he was my mentor.
"After putting in work with him, I later branched out to self-produce and record my first album, LEGENDARY. It was a tough time recording that album because I had just lost my father. But through persistance, faith, and my mom's support, I was able to complete and release it on my own", said Gibson.

Music has not only given him the chance to pursue his dream but has given him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with some of his idols.
"I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many artists like Master P, Cymphonique, Pnut and others. It has been quite a great journey and experience so far",  said the Memphis, Tennessee native.

To Iyse Gibson, music, just like life, is always involving and he bekieves that in order for an artist to stay relevant they need to be able to adapt.
"I love to work on new projects. I always feel my best work is yet to come because I am constantly evolving. So is music", he said.

The singer also appreciates the power that music collabos have and what they have done for the music careers of quite a number of today's mainstream artists.
"One of my favorite songs is probably the one with Gustav Legiste, one that Urban Craft reviewed earlier on in the year. I love it simply because we bring an interesting blend together. I do music from the heart, so if the collabo feels right you never know what magic can bring", said the rnb singer.

Gibson exclusively revealed to us details to some of his forthcoming projects, below is a little tease from the crooner.
"I have a lot that I am working on and much more to bring to my fans. I can't wait to show them the surprises that are next. New music is coming. A new single... And new album. What's coming with it and who may be on it... You will have to wait and see", he said.