Tv Series Delves into Issue of Vices

Vice is a practice, behaviour, or habit generally considered immoral, sinful, criminal, rude, taboo, depraved, or degrading in the associated society. Vices are usually associated with a transgression in a person's character or temperament rather than their morality.
Brand new YouTube tv series WHAT GOES AROUND ROSA does its best to not only highlight but delve into the issue of vice.
"Ladies all over the world seem to understand that money is the root of everything. money has become the air we breath, taking over many things including the main commandment which is love. Many relationships are now based on the monster.
This series touches on many vices that come as a result of the love of money", said producer, Rabin Lucas.

The FALCON EYE VENTURE & L'AFRICANA production's main cast is made up of Joe.....Rabin Lucas himself, who plays the role of 'Joe', rapper/actress Nasha Dee, who plays 'Rosa' and Nelly Karake (Tasha), Irankunda Wycliffe (Ian) and Clara Urujeni (Winnie).
"This Drama revolves around a lady named ROSA who believes that there is nothing more powerful than money and JOE who tries his best, unsuccessfully to seduce her. ROSA being a high class lady avoids him by all means and instead falls in love with IAN. In the process of persuing Rosa up, Joe stumbles upon Tasha who, unbeknown to him, happens to be Rosa's closest friend. This sets in motion result of more and more  dramas", he said.

Lucas said that his hope was that larger broadcast platforms and tv networks would, in the long-run, buy the rights to showcase the series.
"Being a YouTube series, I hope the film will get a good figures in terms of viewership as I also hope that bigger platforms like TV stations will consider the film and give it a platform to air so as to reach even more numbers", he said.

What Goes Around Rosa is a film that the producer hopes can incite a public discourse on the matter of vices and also be a launchpad for some of Kenya's future stars.
"The series intends to draw the attention of society to this and other vices. It is an educative program that the audience can use for personal identity by connecting to the characters of the film on a more personal level.
"As far as the film industry is concerned, the series intends to expose the upcoming actors and actresses to the outside world and create a platform for the nurturing of rising talen in Kenya. It also intends to show the strengths of the Kenyan film industry to the outside world so as to increase visibility", said Lucas.