Vimbai Challenges Modeling Sector to be more Innovative

You cannot ignore the success stories that have made the Zimbabwean modelling industry what it is today, neither can you ignore its shortcomings.
We have exported some of the best talent there is, from the likes of Jonathan Denga to Michelle Wallace, the list is endless! But back home the only 'significant' progress (or lack thereof) to talk about is the spike in the number of aspiring models and mashrooming up of these fly-by-night modelling 'agencies'.

37 years later, the sector is still very much in a deep slumber and at this rate, it will be eons before our own local talent can start to reap the benefits and perks that come with the profession.
Aspiring model, Vimbainashe Thembinkosi Diriza weighed her own thoughts on the matter and believes that there's a lot that needs to be done, not just by the industry stakeholders but by our own society as well.
"Though the local modelling industry is still taking baby steps l have seen a bit of progress here and there. I did however also notice that there is an increase in the number of model agencies and platforms that claim to market and support aspiring models, whether they are legit or not, I wouldn't know.
"The modelling industry definitely has room to improve if only we could get support from our local community to begin with because they still have this negative 'vibe' towards it.
"Another thing is that as models, agencies, photographers, designers and everyone who is involved in the industry we need to stop copying what has already been done in America, Europe and other countries that have bigger modelling industries, especially when it's clearly not working. We need to find innovative ideas that are homegrown and that embrace our own culture, ideas and concepts for us to improve in the modelling industry", said Vimbai.

Irregardless of the aforementioned, modelling has continued to open doors for plenty of aspiring models, including Diriza herself.
"Modelling has given me the chance to meet quite a number of great artists and models who are doing well for themselves in the industry. l have also been modelling for Malez designs, which is a clothing line by a local designer who is based in South Africa", said the 20 year old.

Moving forward, the model said she wanted to do all that she can to put Zimbabwean fashion & modelling on the map, and for her, charity starts at home.
"I would like to participate in any local fashion shows that I can in order to support and embrace the designer's creativity and art displayed in their designs. Through these shows, I believe that both designers and models will be able to lay the groundwork for very successful careers and also open doors for themselves to the outside world. All of which will benefit the sector immensely", she said.

The 20 year old shared her love for wanting to give back to society and do more to help the girl child.
"I also have this burning desire and passion for standing up and supporting women's rights. My goal is to do everything I can to help the young girls and be someone that they can look up to as a role model.
"I want my life to be an inspiration to them and help motivate them to do amazing and incredible things that can change the world using their God given talents", said Diriza.