A Special 'Postcard' from RIA

What an exciting (and scary) time it is for Bristol, UK singer, RIA, who is about to take that all - important step that so many others before her have taken.
She is of course in the midst of preparing for the release of her much awaited debut single.
RIA believes that everything she has been through so far has all been leading up to this particular moment in time.....
"I've worked with some amazing people in the Industry who have helped me develop my sound. People like Paul Cobbold, who is a brilliant producer and engineer with a wealth of knowledge and experience. There's been a lot of work going on behind the scenes leading up to this point, so we're really excited about releasing the music and playing it live very soon.
"My debut single is titled Postcard. It will be released on the 1st July, through Dark Wave Records. The music video is out now and available to watch on YouTube", she said.

The love track itself, according to RIA, has its own creative way of exploring issues that affect most relationships.
"The track is inspired by a challenging relationship and the differences that can come between people. I've used the concept of a vampire and a werewolf to portray this idea. "Both characters have very specific, individual needs that clash when they're brought together. There's a strong narrative running through the song, as well as some cultural references which I've woven in", said RIA.

The singer herself is satisfied with how the song came out and she revealed to Urban Craft just as much.
"I'm really happy with how Postcard turned out. It's everything I wanted to say. It has a feeling of being personal without giving away too much", said the singer.

RIA's hope is that her fans and music lovers all over the world will not only be amazed by the creativity in the song but also identify with it.
"I hope that people will enjoy listening to the song and maybe reflect on their own experiences as a result of listening to it", said RIA.

Besides singing, RIA, who happens to be a visual artist also plays the electric guitar and is part of a band called January Girl, with whom she has a lot of other projects lined up.

"I have a brilliant band who will be joining me live and in the studio. Justin Seeger plays bass guitar, keyboards and sings backing vocals. Jonah Webb plays drums. Jonah & I also play in a side project band called 'January Girl'. There's a January Girl music video coming out very soon for our song 'Undead Love’ – the Undead Love EP is out already", said the artist.

You can watch the music video for Postcard here: