Adée's Star On The Rise

Swedish soul singer, Ida 'Adée' Olsson's career-defining moment came with the release of the single 'Woman', a single that virtually thrust her into the limelight overnight!
From the moment she came into the spotlight, it has all been about how she can take her music and brand to the next level, and she definitely has not disappointed on that front.....

Collaborations with the likes of Canadian rapper Quake Matthews, Swedish rap duo Mindfellaz, Norwegian singer Danielle "Teapot" Brogden, and working with Swedish funkband Beatfunktion, has made sure that Adée's star keeps on shining bright ever since.
"One of the most cherished moments in my career so far has to be when my song "World On Fire" was nominated in the 'Single of the Year' category at the Scandinavian Soul Awards and when I also got to perform at Midem in Cannes 2016. I actually got so overwhelmed during that show that I started to cry mid-set.
"The song 'Woman', on the other hand, was the theme song to one of the worlds largest conferences in gender issues called Nordiskt Forum.
"I´m now signed to the label Music Help Sweden and I´m part of the artist development project, #TalentCoach. I´ve also started a songwriting project for young girls called "Future Songwriting" and I´ve produced 3 albums with the artists in the project between 2015 - 2017", said Adée, who herself once opened up for American duo, Siren Sea, during their US tour (2013).

Good news for her fans is that the singer/songwriter, who studied music production and audio engineering for three years prior to her breakthrough, is currently in the studio putting together an EP.
"Right now I´m working on my upcoming EP and the second single from it will be released on June 8, I´m very excited about that. The song is called "If You Jump" and it's about deep friendship, which is portrayed in the video through horses.
"We shot the video in a herd of horses and in my opinion, it was nothing short of magical. I´m so proud of this whole project and looking forward to sharing it with the rest of the world", said Adée.

Besides the EP, the singer has quite a lot of projects in the pipeline, among those being more international collaborations and tours.
"I´m working towards getting some more international collaborations, not just for this EP but for most of my music projects, going forward. I´m also working towards my next album that I hope will see the light of day in 2019.
"At the same time, I'm planning on moving abroad, a change of scenery while finishing the album would be of great help.
"In this particular moment I happen to be part of a few other projects also, I mostly tour with my band but I also perform together with the Swedish poet Saga Hedberg and South african soul singer Mpho Ludidi, so there is a lot of fun things happening", said the soul/pop/hiphop artist.

Apart from enjoying her music and life out on the road, the Öland Island native, has another passion, horses!
"Besides my music, I really love horses and I have a horse of my own called "Marwin" whom I ride as much as I can between my tours", said Adée.

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