Becki Yates Prepares for EP Launch

UK singer Becki Yates has given her fans something to smile about by officially confirming, in an interview with Urban Craft, that work on her upcoming EP was all but done!
"My EP 'Hold Your Nerve' is finished so right now we are putting together ideas for music videos and promotion before it is released. I am also rehearsing for a number of live performances including The Bedford River Festival in July", said the 27 year old.

Release dates for the project, which happens to be Becki's 4th EP will be announced in due course.

"My whole music journey continues to be amazing. I love music and my music family. My goal for this year is to release my 4th EP and then maybe a single or two and to carry on getting better, working harder and never giving up.
"My 4th EP 'Hold Your Nerve' will be available on all major platforms very soon", said Becki.

Yates appeared on popular UK talent show, The X Factor back in 2012 and gave quite a good account of herself. She still looks upon this as one of her more memorable moments thus far but definitely wants to add more, bigger and better milestones to her list.
"Being on The X factor in 2012 was definitely a highlight in my career so far, However, working with 6th Floor Recordz has been and is still an amazing journey. We are always willing to work harder everyday to achieve the highest we possibly can", said Yates.

Being able to touch and inspire people the world over through her music is the singer's dream, one that she is turning into reality by each new song she puts out.
"Releasing all my EP's I believe is an achievement in itself. I love songwriting and being able to inspire people through my music. It's amazing", said the artist.

At the end of the day, the goal is to get herself and her music out there and she has slowly but surely making the inroads.
"We work with many people from London to America. I feature on plenty of songs with different artists and I am always working on as many projects as I can to get myself and others out there", she said.