Celai West : Big Haired Girl with Big Dreams!

What she has achieved at just the mere age of 10 might leave a few adults red in the face!
We are talking about United States model/actress, Celai West, of course, whose feats on the runway and in front of the camera have left most people who encounter her in awe.
"I model, act, do runway and I have a tshirt company. I have worked with some pretty cool companies like Walmart, Target & Disney and I've walked for some cool designers in LAFW & NYFW", said West.

At the tender age of 5 while most kids her age were still enjoying their adolescence, Celai was already booking her first gig and for her, this was that magical moment that she decided she was going to pursue modelling/acting professionally.
"When I was 5, I booked my first gig and when I got on set, I had my first "a-ha" moment. It was like "Wow! I can really do this for a career!", she said.

"Wow!!", indeed! and ever since that day, it has been really been quite a whirlwind of a ride for the young lady, one that she can look back on with satisfaction, she is after all, living her dream!
"So far, my journey has been good. I've worked with great companies and I've met some really nice people and friends...but some parts of it aren't so good too. Like, sometimes, they don't like my big hair or they don't want to hire me because they don't know how to do my hair", said the 10 year old.

This sweet little big haired girl seems to charm people wherever she goes and amazingly enough, she has not only graced magazine covers but her runway and hair tutorial videos have gone viral!
"Well, I've had one runway video go viral with like 9 million views and I've had two hair tutorial videos go viral. I think that's pretty cool. Oh, and I've been the cover model for 5 magazines", said Celai.

She has attracted the attention of Hollywood, some of the biggest companies/brands, designers as well as artists, all of whom are amazed by this young and exciting talent!
"I've worked with companies like Target, Walmart, The North Face, Gap, Amazon, Disney and Google...and I was in the Willy William music video for "The Voodoo Song" that was remixed to "Mi Gente" with J. Balvin and Beyoncé. I did 4 films last year and for runway, I walk with the adults now, which I'm actually really excited about", she said.

Celai is hungry for more success and wants to work with more mainstream designers as well as walk for plenty more major fashion shows.
"My goal is to work on doing more speaking this summer. I plan on doing more reading, learning more vocabulary words and practicing doing interviews.
"I would like to focus on creating more content on my YouTube channel and to get booked with more adult designers so I can walk in more major fashion week shows",  she said.

She is no doubt, a young woman who knows exactly what she wants to do and where she is going in life. Her story is an inspirational one that's sure to motivate countless other kids out there who wanna chase their dreams. So, to Miss Celai West we say, thank you, for being such a shining light for everybody else across the globe, keep on doing what you doing. You are a star!

Images courtesy of @MyStudioKid and Lu Nocks Photography