Cold Cash Keeps His Eye on the Prize!

The hiphop industry and hollywood have over the years become inseperable, since most rappers more or less find their way into the acting world.
There's 3 success stories that standout, one is of course the incomparable Will Smith, after him you have the likes of Ice Cube and LL Cool J, to mention but a few. These guys paved the way for countless other rapper/actors.

One of those artists is none other than Buffalo, NY's own "Cold Cash", who is pursuing both rap and film, and doing reasonably well at it too!  
"I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and now based out of Buffalo, New York. I originally started doing music as a hobby and because an old friend had introduced me to rapping and performing at a young age", said Cold Cash.

"Thus far I have completed 17 projects of my own and several compilation projects as well. I have hosted mixtapes by artists from various parts of the world and I have starred in 2 films.
"I am currently working on a few new projects as well as featuring in a new comic book series", he adds.

With all he has achieved in the industry thus far, surprisingly, Cold Cash's major highlight remains the first time he heard his music on radio.
"Thus far I have performed alongside of and opened up for some of the industry's biggest names, something of which I think is a highlight on its own. It's either that or the first time I heard a song of mine on radio", said the rapper.

Cold Cash is not only making moves in as far as the rap game is concerned, he is establishing himself in the film industry as well. His upcoming projects say a lot about his work ethic and passion.
"I am currently working on a new project entitled, "America The Ugly" and a new audio/video project entitled, "Prayed Up". I am also featuring in a new comic series titled, "The Order"., he said.

Looking ahead, the rapper/actor said that his focus was on making timeless classics and also going out into the world through tours.
"I have set my sights on making as much timeless music as possible, as many visuals as possible and Lord willing, I look forward to starting a tour of some sought towards the end of the year.
"Beyond that I plan to have fun with the craft and impact as many as I can in a positive way with my actions and efforts", Cold Cash.