Derek Lloyd's Music, An 'Expression of Melody'

They say, for one to standout, you gotta separate yourself from the rest. Musically,  nobody stands out more than jazz artist Derek Lloyd.
"My Music is fundamental 'Percussive Piano' - using wrist techniques that sometimes leaves 18 notes laid down. It is best described as Cuban Funk centered (and Bach); I like to 'exist' in a non-traditional mode, whereas, it is not necessarily perfect, but certainly different", said Lloyd.

Speaking to Urban Craft all the way from the District of Columbia, USA the musician recounted his journey in the industry thus far, and it has been quite a colourful one!
"During the week, I am a CTO - but on weekends - since I was 10 - I am a professional musician. I started out in a Funk/RB group called 'Free and Evil' that featured Gregory Grainger on Drums and coached by Gary Grainger (Both currently of Acoustic Alchemy - Back then: 'Pockets').
"Later I became a member of the 'BlackNotes' and the 'U Street Collective' - while continuing to work with Oscar D. Brown. I have produced my first solo album: 'Badpenguinz: Bird of Prey'.
"I am the composer of 'A Song for My Mother' (International Mother's Day Tribute/Viral) and The 'Howard University' / 'Bennett College for Women' Network Design Engineer, All-City Baltimore 9 selections/ Musician Credit 5 albums/ Vince Guaradi Festival", he said.

It is a journey that has certainly not been short of its moments and Lloyd made sure to share with us a few of those.

"My most memorable moment thus far was performing with the All City Orchestra, on clarinet at 13 - 'Jesu Joy of Man's Desire' and, as an adult, in the U.S. Capitol (Washington DC) 'Cast Your Faith to the Wind' on Piano.
"I have scored 51 videos and am the composer of 'Authentic Warrior' ('Game of Thrones Video'). In Engineering, I am a 'Blue Skies' Innovation Technology Architect - my Engineering is exactly like my music: an expression of melody", said the jazz musician.

Lloyd sees his upcoming album as yet another opportunity to showcase his immense talent and uniqueness.
"Currently working on second album 'Freedom Before the Storm' featuring Jimmy Wilson and Sonya Valet. It represents a full gambit of songs that include the Variations of the Canon in C' "Isoa and Ugo the Dog'.  and Dr. M", he said.

Apart from finishing his second album, the musician has quite a number of other things that he has set his mind on fulfilling before year end.
"I have a lot of other projects to attend to, from finishing my 'Video Gaming and STEM Education' program to finally making it to the 'iHeart Festival' and the Montreal Jazz Festival as a performer - playing 'Lucy and Linus', said Lloyd.