Douglas Aldridge has Success on his Mind

Since his music debuted on radio last year, the heavens have definitely been smiling down on American indie/folk singer-songwriter, Douglas Aldridge who, himself, said he was now, more than ever before, determined to see success. Not just for himself but he is carrying the hopes of his own father and grandfather who were also musicians in their own right.
"On Mother’s Day last year I got my first fm radio play and since then I have had 6 original songs make it to the fm airwaves. That has been one of the biggest accomplishments in my music career. My father and grandfather were singers too and wanted to make a career of it but weren’t able to pursue it as long as I have because they started families. It has been my mission to see success in my music, not only for me but, for them as well", said Aldridge.

Convinced that he was selling himself short, a friend of the Atlanta, GA based musician decided to step in. Doug sees this as one of the defining moments in his musical career so far.
"In 2015 a friend (entrepreneur and business owner) convinced me that the music I produce should be for sale and that I was selling myself short by giving it all away for free. Until that point I thought that if something were to start my music career, it would be a producer or A&R rep seeing me play live or hearing one of my demos and signing me to a label", he said.

Doug has released 5 LPs and 3 EPs since May 2nd, 2015, with 3 of them accepted by Pandora - a music streaming and automated music recommendation internet radio service powered by the Music Genome Project.
Besides being a Battle of the bands winner at Tasty World in Athens, Ga, he is also a 2 time finalist in Atlanta’s alternative 99x (98.9fm) Original Series Songwriter Competition.
"My original song “Feverish” on My newest LP “Catching Glimpses” is the most requested song in the history of the #MustNotSuck program on 99x.
"I won 1st place awards for quite a few songs on a website called “” and I have been showcased by Heineken and 99x in 3 showcases here in different regions of Atlanta, with the most recent showcase coming up this Saturday night 6/23/18 in historic “Little Five Points” which I’m am very excited to perform in!", said the singer.

The multi-instrumentalist/producer gave us an idea of where it had all began and some of the projects he had worked on along the way.
"I wrote my first original song around the age of 18, drawing from the Local influences that were all around me, just outside of Athens, Ga. I led a couple of bands, but continued to write, compose and produce for my Solo project. Rhabdophobic, We formed shortly after some of my first Solo works. Around 2006, I formed an experimental folk duo called The North And South, it ended In 2008. On January 1st, 2017 I helped start a electronic band "Freaky Girls", but we broke up after only a couple months.
"The most important thing I have done to date was in 2015, when I answered a craigslist ad to record a song for free to help build up a portfolio for a new audio engineer in Atl. Through that contact I learned of the different distribution companies that allow indie artist to get music on digital stores and streaming services. Shortly after that, my first pandora submission was accepted and I feel like that truly started getting my music heard by a lot of new listeners", said Doug.

Having in recent months found a drummer, bassist, and lead guitarist to join his solo project and perform under the name 'Douglas Aldridge & The Decoys', the musician said that it had reignited a strong drive to take his music to the next level and as such, a lot more music was on the way.
"I write, compose, or produce new songs everyday! I am working towards booking a tour of the southeast or east coast asap but it might be a while before I see that come to fruition. I have 3 new songs that I am working on releasing over the course of this year. I plan to release a new LP on 5/2/2019 as I have done since 2015 and I plan to release an a couple of re-recorded, remixed, and remastered back catalog albums with my new band members", he said.

Apart from increasing his knowledge in terms of music production, the singer hopes to one day soon make the Billboard charts as well scooping a grammy or two.
"I want to start getting professional music videos made for my back catalog of music as well as the new songs I’ve been writing and I really want to start getting booked to play music festivals. 
"Long term, I'd like to keep upgrading my studio equipment and continue increasing my understanding of the recording, mixing and mastering process. I want to tour the world. I want to get a number 1 on the billboard charts. I want to win a grammy", said Aldridge.