FWR Set to Premiere New Single

West Midlands, UK alternative rock band Fear Without Reason has just announced a brand new single.
According to the band, the song, titled 'Broken', is set to hit the market just before or around September.
"Our single 'Broken' is recorded and ready to go, we are working on getting the video done for it's release - and hoping to have it out around our first headline show on September 8 2018 at The Station, Cannock. We're really excited about it and we hope people love it as much as we do", they said.

Being somewhat 'part-time' musicians, FWR hopes to one day make music full-time and they believe that the new single goes a long way in furthering their brand.
"Our objective is to keep growing and taking our music to more people, putting out songs and playing shows for our fans. We all work full time jobs away from the band and one day we'd love to be able to have the oppurtunity to do it full time but for now all focus is on the next single 'Broken' - but we may have already chosen a follow up song to record after all of that", said the group.

Since their 'relaunch' last year, the band has so far managed to grow their support base, among other things and a lot of positive vibes have been coming their way.
"We're unsigned at the moment but blessed to have a small but enthusiastic fan base who are down the front singing our songs back to us when we play. We've all been playing music a long time, Ste and Andy have been in bands together for over 16 years now! We have been pushing on and things have been growing fast since our 'relaunch' in 2017", said FWR

The group also made special mention of the atmosphere inside the group itself that came courtesy of the relaunch and how uplifting it was.
"Our biggest turning point was when we completed our lineup again in 2017, Phil and Rich came on board and the mood in the band has been the best and most creative it's ever been. Our last live show was on the hottest day of 2018 s far and was to a packed out room with people there to see us, and that's just a great honour", said the band.

More than anything else FWR is happy that the fans have received their music well and have shown their appreciation in numerous ways.
"One of the things from our history we are most proud of is featuring on the Xbox 360 band - Rock Band 2 - Where 'Home' was a cult hit from the download store. People have recorded themselves on youtube playing along! We are immensely proud of our releases since 2015 including 'Holding On', ' Human Again' and 'Monica' - the latter was extremely well received and people love singing that one", they said