Katleho's Photographic Tour takes shape

article by allistar marunya

Katleho Legae Phele is not your typical young man. He is driven to succeed but most important of all, make a difference through all his passions, that is, modelling, music and photography.

Currently studying photography at the University of North West where he's hoping to advance his skills in photography, Katleho is working on a tour shoot which he hopes will bring together local photographers who share the same vision as he does, he's hoping to bring up to 15 photographers together who will share this experience with him. This tour will take place in Soweto and Braamfontein, South Africa among other places around South Africa, they'll be focusing on the environment itself and the diversity in cultures, races and fashion trends of the people around those places.

With this in mind, he's then hoping and praying that he'd will able to start his own company that deals with photography and is willing to work with the photographers he'd have been with during the tour.
Katleho is but a young aspiring photographer who is just trying to do great things with his life which will not only benefit him but the people around him too.
He says he's an ordinary guy who believes in Christ and puts Him first to bless his hustle. He also believes that words can never be enough so he allows his photography to express his emotions and feelings.

Besides being a photographer, he is a model and a musician. He's known by the moniker, 'Woolf", a name that was given to him by his friends but started off as just "Wolf" because they believed that he was wild.
He then changed the name to "Woolf", standing for 'Worship Only Our Lord Father', which is not surprising, given his Christian background.

Besides his photography, the South African is also working on an EP that centres on his 'road to recovery' after a heartbreak.

"It's a very touching topic and is very close to my heart"

He says that it's because he felt that love didn't give him a chance to prove himself, after he had been left broken and to pick up all the pieces of his heart by this girl he was in love with.

Through this EP, the rapper hopes he will be able to connect more with his fans since the theme is something that naturally resonates with a lot of people.