Lindi Marc Premieres 'Asambeni' Video

Fresh from a successful tour of Zimbabwe, South African based gospel singer Lindi Marc has just premiered a video for her hit single "Asambeni".
The song was specifically written after the political turmoil that Zimbabwe experienced late last year.
"Inspiration came to me after the change of political power with no blood shed, with no rioting or war, unlike many other countries where issues like that usually degenerate into war. It was after those events that I wrote the song encouraging my fellow Zimbabweans to go to the house of the Lord to thank HIM.
"In the video itself you can see people holding Zimbabwean flags as a symbol of happiness to say 'thank you God' for guiding us through this very critical chapter in our history", said Lindi.

The single itself was released in November and has been doing well for the gospel artist over the last few months. However, the release of the video had to be postponed till after her tour of Zimbabwe.
"Asambeni was released back in November 2017 and was actually one of the hit tracks on my first album. The video was shot thereafter but we couldn't release it because I had to concentrate on my tour to ZIm and other events", she said.

Lindi feels that the video, which was directed by Marcellus Moses (DOUBLE MC Production Media) and was shot in Pretoria and Harare is a great potrayal of said events.
"I strongly feel that the video really portrays this particular story and shows God's hand in guiding our country from one leadership to another without any war or shed of blood", said the singer.

For Marc, the video does more than just tell a story, it is a celebration and a symbol of hope! As such, this is one video she wants everyone else around the globe to see, especially those that are experiencing turmoil.
"I want the whole world to see a people in celebration, with joyful hearts praising The Almighty for guiding us through this hard time and just like Israel, getting us to another phase of our history without war.
"I want my followers to understand through this video that with God all is possible and also after God has intervened, you must always show gratitude! Go to his house and say 'Thank You Lord', she said.

Follow the link below to watch video: